Sunday, January 30, 2011

American Idol Audition - Chris Medina

"What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?" ♥

This breaks my heart. :'( The girl is really blessed to have him in her life. Oh men! Where in the world can I find someone like him? *wishful thinking* And he sings really good! :)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Forever 21 SM Makati

I've been waiting for this! Located on the Ground Floor of SM, Forever 21 will take over Makati soon! I read somewhere they will take down that wall on the 8th of April. So excited!

I so love their gigantic store in Megamall. Huge is the word! But its really crowded whenever I go there. I bet it will be the same in Makati. But its okay. Haha. :D

I'm so addicted to their website. And I always check their FB page for new arrivals. Lol. Adik lang. =)


Yellowcard Live in Manila!

Can't wait for the Yellowcard Concert! Don't have ticket yet. Lol. But I'll definitely watch. Maybe next week, I'll buy na. But first, I have to invite some friends to come and watch with me. Oh I'm so excited! Plus, Silent Sanctuary is there! I so love it! :) 

I've known the band way back in college. I love their songs! Particularly "Only One", "Gifts And Curses", "Light Up The Sky ", and "Ocean Avenue".

Only One
Gifts And Curses
Ocean Avenue
Light Up The Sky


Happy Birthday Papa! ♥

It's Papa's birthday today. God! I miss him bigtime. :'( I really wish he was here. He's in Japan. I'm really praying for financial breakthroughs to come our way soon. The worldwide financial crisis -well, our family is affected. Think we won't make it to Japan this summer. Well, I'm still hoping and praying. Please Lord.

I wasn't able to write much here. I don't know. I just don't feel like writing. Hhmmm. We had our shifting exam earlier, I mean yesterday in Physio. It's another day na pala. CVS topic. And I failed it. Damn! Honestly, I don't really understand the whole concept. Maybe I'll ask my friends to help me with it. Need to make it up for the midterms. I'm just so thankful I passed the Prelim exam.

This video is playing on my background. Reminds me of someone -who I miss so much, by the way. Uggghh! This feeling again. It won't go away. I hate it. "I pray to be only yours..." When kaya? Hhhmm. Haha. I wonder how's he doing now? Hope everything's well. ♥

There's a black butterfly inside my dorm! Eeeee. I don't like it! I was just cleaning, and when I opened the door, it came in! And it won't go out! Now I don't know where it is. I last saw it under my bed. Shit. Now I'm really paranoid or something. Feel like something's flying. Haha. Think I'm gonna sleep with the lights on.

Need to go to SM tomorrow after class. My school shoes needs to be sewn. Then maybe I'll treat myself. It's Papa's birthday anyway. =)

That's it for now. Need to sleep na. 7am class later.



Friday, January 07, 2011

Victory 7 Day Prayer and Fasting

I have been attending Victory Christian Fellowship since I was 3rd year college. I was just accidentally invited by a friend of mine, and from then on, I find myself constantly going back. I really enjoy their way of praising and worshiping God.

Every year, they would have a 7-day prayer and fasting. Believe that God will allow victories and breakthroughs in every area of our life throughout the year. Even Jesus fasted before. Remember those 40 days and 40 nights when he fasted in the desert? Its like a form of sacrifice.

This year, I'm joining them.

Here is the link of the manual we will actually use. It has the guidelines and all the things you need to know about the fasting and the reasons why we're doing it.
Prayer and Fasting 2011 Manual

I really hope I can make it through the 7 day without eating anything. With God's will, I know I can.


Monday, January 03, 2011


Not a good start I guess. 1st day of 1st week of the year. I did not exercise! Damn! Too lazy to go stretch. BOO! I pretty much did nothing today. Just went to the city hall to pay our taxes. Then went to bank. Then bum again at home. Lol.

Hope tomorrow will be better. I'll try to wake up early. Maybe I'll go visit my dentist before I leave for Manila the next day. Pfft. Don't want to go yet. I'm still on vacation mode. March! Please come sooner!

Just ordered 2 dozen cream puffs from 'Dulcissima Bakeshop'. They're Lipa City's pride. They're pastries are so damn good! I'll give a dozen to my best friend. Well, its my Christmas gift for her. Lol. Then we'll eat the other one. :)


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello 2011! ♥

Happy New Year!

What a better way to start the year than having a new blog right? I'm officially a newbie here on blogger. Just feel like having a new blog. Lol! You know. New year. New me. New everything. :D

So I just woke up 2 hrs ago. Yes, its 8 in the evening. Gosh! I literally spent most of the 2nd day of the year sleeping. Haha! We went yesterday afternoon to Subic for our family tradition of traveling during the first day of the year. And we went back home past midnight. We attended mass in Guadalupe Church before we head home, and we arrived here in Batangas past 8 already earlier this morning, so we dozed off as soon as we get here. I uploaded our holiday pictures in FB. =)

I am so not in the mood cause I think I lost my tito's USB. Damn! He asked me to upload his pictures in his FB account and now I don't know where the USB is. I just left it here in the computer table! Ugh! I really hope I find it before I leave for Manila in a few days. Pfft. :/

Anyway, New Year means new resolutions to make. Or should I say break? Haha. Honestly, I have not thought about my new year's resolution until now while writing this blog entry. Hhhmmm? Well, first on my list is to lose weight. Okay, it is always my first in the past years! Hahaha. I pretty did well last year. I lost an average of 6 kilograms. Hahaha. Achievement for me! Yey! =) Have to lose more. I need to get rid off these unwanted fats in my abdomen. Especially my arms. Haha. Next resolution would be to exercise. I have been exercising whenever I feel like it. But there was a time last year when I exercised almost everyday. I have to have that kind of motivation. It'll have to start tomorrow. 1st week of the year! *fingers-crossed* 3rd resolution would be to save money. Oh my! I have to admit that I really have a hard time with keeping this particular resolution. I am so not good in terms of money. When I have money in my hands, it slips off so fast that I don't even notice where the hell it goes! I tend to buy stuff. Okay, stuff that I don't really need. Hhhmmm. Have to change that attitude now. I have to learn to budget my money wisely. 4th resolution is to study hard and read more. Have to change my study habits. I really really promise I will! I also would try to read more this year. Whatever, books, novels, academic books. I just need to read. =) Next is to be a better person. Yes naman! Hahaha. Yes I will try. I want to become a better me. I will remove all heart aches, pain, insecurities, worries, stress, and all the negative attitudes I have. And I won't be able to do that unless I do my 6th resolution -Move On. After publishing this blog, I will delete all my past messages in my cellphone. Including those text messages that I have been saving for years! Yes. Years! The oldest text message from my phone is dated July 06, 2008. Haha. It was from a special someone. But I have to move on now. Its time. :') My 7th resolution is to be happy, contented and inspired. Yes. I will try my very best to be happy every single day. I have to live each day not like its my last, but like its my first. Because when I live each day like its my first, there are still no heart aches, no pain, no insecurities, no worries, no stress. Just pure happiness. I read it somewhere and I would like to apply it in my life also. I also want to be inspired this year, with God's will. :P My 8th and last but definitely not the least resolution for this year, is to be closer with God. I will try to attend VCF every friday. Attending their service really help me get closer with Him. Then I will pray and pray and pray and pray more. Have to let God take over my life. I trust His will and I love Him so much. I know His love for me is beyond what I imagine it. Thank you Lord. :)

I know I can do this. Have to start the year right! Good vibes! Good vibes! Good vibes! =)