Friday, January 07, 2011

Victory 7 Day Prayer and Fasting

I have been attending Victory Christian Fellowship since I was 3rd year college. I was just accidentally invited by a friend of mine, and from then on, I find myself constantly going back. I really enjoy their way of praising and worshiping God.

Every year, they would have a 7-day prayer and fasting. Believe that God will allow victories and breakthroughs in every area of our life throughout the year. Even Jesus fasted before. Remember those 40 days and 40 nights when he fasted in the desert? Its like a form of sacrifice.

This year, I'm joining them.

Here is the link of the manual we will actually use. It has the guidelines and all the things you need to know about the fasting and the reasons why we're doing it.
Prayer and Fasting 2011 Manual

I really hope I can make it through the 7 day without eating anything. With God's will, I know I can.


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