Monday, January 03, 2011


Not a good start I guess. 1st day of 1st week of the year. I did not exercise! Damn! Too lazy to go stretch. BOO! I pretty much did nothing today. Just went to the city hall to pay our taxes. Then went to bank. Then bum again at home. Lol.

Hope tomorrow will be better. I'll try to wake up early. Maybe I'll go visit my dentist before I leave for Manila the next day. Pfft. Don't want to go yet. I'm still on vacation mode. March! Please come sooner!

Just ordered 2 dozen cream puffs from 'Dulcissima Bakeshop'. They're Lipa City's pride. They're pastries are so damn good! I'll give a dozen to my best friend. Well, its my Christmas gift for her. Lol. Then we'll eat the other one. :)


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