Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa! ♥

It's Papa's birthday today. God! I miss him bigtime. :'( I really wish he was here. He's in Japan. I'm really praying for financial breakthroughs to come our way soon. The worldwide financial crisis -well, our family is affected. Think we won't make it to Japan this summer. Well, I'm still hoping and praying. Please Lord.

I wasn't able to write much here. I don't know. I just don't feel like writing. Hhmmm. We had our shifting exam earlier, I mean yesterday in Physio. It's another day na pala. CVS topic. And I failed it. Damn! Honestly, I don't really understand the whole concept. Maybe I'll ask my friends to help me with it. Need to make it up for the midterms. I'm just so thankful I passed the Prelim exam.

This video is playing on my background. Reminds me of someone -who I miss so much, by the way. Uggghh! This feeling again. It won't go away. I hate it. "I pray to be only yours..." When kaya? Hhhmm. Haha. I wonder how's he doing now? Hope everything's well. ♥

There's a black butterfly inside my dorm! Eeeee. I don't like it! I was just cleaning, and when I opened the door, it came in! And it won't go out! Now I don't know where it is. I last saw it under my bed. Shit. Now I'm really paranoid or something. Feel like something's flying. Haha. Think I'm gonna sleep with the lights on.

Need to go to SM tomorrow after class. My school shoes needs to be sewn. Then maybe I'll treat myself. It's Papa's birthday anyway. =)

That's it for now. Need to sleep na. 7am class later.



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