Monday, February 28, 2011

Beach weekend!

Our family is used to having weekend outings. Last weekend was one of them. We went to Aeres Beach in Pagkilatan, Batangas. The beach is not yet well developed. There's too many rocks underneath, although the water itself is clean. I had a small wound on the medial aspect of my left big toe because of the rocks. =(

We also dropped by the miraculous healing stone in Montemaria which is made famous by Father Fernando Suarez.

All the pics are in my fb account. Here are some.

Went to my bestie's house first before leaving for Batangas. Got my pasalubongs from her SG trip. I asked her to get me Reese's chocolate from USS. I rarely see them in the supermarkets here. Sooo happy! =)

These is the miraculous healing stone I was talking about. We literally lied down on it, and hugged it. 

The beach.

Our family is really vain. We love to pose and take pictures of ourselves! =)

Look at my grandma. :D

and Yaya. :D

The ladies. :D

Ninang 2. :D

and Yours truly. :D I'm the vainest of us all! Hahaha! =)

Have you seen the new Philippine monetary? I'm excited to use it!

Before heading home, we passed by again the miraculous stone. This time, we met a woman who shared with us her experience of the miracle stone. She told us her husband had liver cancer before. They went here hoping for a miracle. There's a hole at the side of the stone and she said that when she put her hand inside, she found a small stone. Unbelievably, the small stone she found was shaped like a liver and her husband was miraculously healed. She showed us the stone and I can say that it did look similar to the shape of a human liver. 

As a medical student, we are being taught that all things happening in our body have their scientific basis. But I myself, still believe in miracles, faith and healing by God.

Super fun weekend! I have the best family in the whole wide world! I love them so much! =)


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