Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bestie Day!

Last night, me and my BFF went out. God! I missed her so much! She is my one and only best friend and I love her so much! It's her birthday last week and we celebrated it last night.

Went to Greenbelt. We ate at Chili's. Love the food by the way! Then watched "Love and Other Drugs". Full of sex scenes. I really appreciated Anne Hathaway's tits. It really looks good and soft and big. Lol! :D The movie is 'good' for me, but my bestie didn't appreciate it much. She said she was sleepy throughout the movie.  Hahaha! Greenbelt was so crowded. Don't know why. And so we went to Glorietta 5 cause we were "uhaw" for an ice-cold beer. Lol. :D Had it in Giligan's. After that, we don't want to go home yet so we looked for a coffee shop. All coffee shops are full so we decided to go to A.Venue to have coffee in Coffee Bean. Went home at around 1am.

The night was so fun! We had our usual chismisan and kwentuhan non-stop. And of course, food trip. We love food! =)

She'll be leaving for Singapore tomorrow for a 4-day vacation.

Here are some pictures from last night. The other pics is in my fb account.

Went to her house first before going out. Got her a chocolate cake from Ms. Polly's, a personalized picture in a frame which I made, and a sleepwear from Forever 21.

I was so girly that night -wore a floral skirt. She was supposed to wear jeans but I asked her to change outfit.

Chili's! Had Fish and Chips, Cajun Club Sandwich and Strawberry Daiquiri.

Giligan's. Had San Mig Strong Ice and Spicy Chicken Wings.

Coffee Bean! Our favorite coffee shop. Had our all time favorite Double Vanilla Tea Latte and Blueberry Cheesecake. Good thing I had my Belle De Jour discount coupon in my wallet so we had the other tea latte for free. :)

Love my bestie so much! =)


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