Thursday, February 17, 2011

Myth of the Human Body

Last Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011, we had our educational tour on "The Myth of the Human Body" in Taguig. It is an exhibit of the human body. Here, guests can expect to see real cadavers that underwent the process of plastination, in which samples are dried, and then processed in a vacuum.

Its educational for most people, but for us med students, we honestly didn't appreciate it much. I mean, we get to see and dissect real cadavers in school so seeing those body parts is not much of a big deal. The only difference is that in their exhibit, you will really see every single detail there is in the human body. Like even the smallest muscle, bone, ligament, nerves, arteries and veins -that we appreciate. If not only for the grade incentive we will receive if we come to the tour, I definitely would not have come.

Here are some of our pictures. I'll post here majority of the pictures with myself on it. Hahaha! :D Other pics are in my fb account. Grabbed them from my classmate. These photos were taken using a Canon 500D, which I love by the way. I took some of the photos. =) I want a DSLR now! Ampf!

Picture taking while waiting for our bus.

My classmates fooling around.

In the bus.

Outside the building where the exhibit is located.

We were not allowed to take photos of the exhibit itself. So this pictures were taken before and after the tour but still inside the building.

There is a snack corner just right before the exit. And we ate before leaving. They were selling 'pizza in a cone'. Its a pizza shaped like a cone. I loved it! Sooo good!

Outside while waiting for the bus to get us back to school.

Overall, it was a  pretty nice experience. Hope we'll have another educational tour again. :)


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