Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make it or Break it. :'(

I am included in the list of those who will take the Removal Examination in Physiology A. :'(

I'm really sad and very depressed right now. I mean, this is my last chance. I'm under probation and if I don't pass this exam, I'm so out! Huhuhu. :'(

My friends who are on probation passed already and I'm the only one who will take the removals exam among us. :'(

What's wrong with me? I studied hard. I prayed harder. :'( It's like nothing is going my way. :'(

I really feel so down right now.

I asked God why. Why me? But then, I never lost faith in Him. I downloaded a podcast from VCF preachings and I know God is telling me something. He is telling me to be strong and courageous because He will never leave me. If this is His will, it will be done.

Now, I surrender all my life to Him, including this examination. I guess all I can do now is study hard and do my best.

I know this is not a FAILURE OF FAITH, but a TEST OF FAITH.

Lord, bless me with Your grace and wisdom. Be with me throughout this journey, and I'm confident enough to say that whatever happens, I know it's Your will that will prevail. Thank you for everything. I love You.


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