Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I ate today.

We had our major practicals in Gross Anatomy earlier this afternoon. Got 23 out of 30. Not bad huh? =) Before that, my friends and I went to SM Fairview to eat. Our tastebuds were begging for new tastes, aside from the usual food around here. Ugh! That's what I hate the most here. If you're living in a dormitory and you can't cook your own food, you have no choice but to eat the same food again and again. Tsk.

Last week, we also went to the mall just to eat. We ate at Gerry's then. This time, its Congo Grille. We were looking for restaurants which has group meals. Like in Gerry's, we ate  their group meal good for 4-5 people which costs Php999 and it was worth it. Congo Grille also has their group meals good for 5 people. We chose Set C consisting of Lumpia Rolls, Sinigang na Baboy, Chicken Bacolod, Laing, Leche Flan and Iced Tea. We ordered pork sisig as an additional.

Here are some pictures. Was not able to take much cause we were so hungry, we never minded to take photos of ourselves. Hahaha! :D

After our 4-5pm class, I went to Rustan's Supermarket in FCM to buy myself some stock food and water. I passed by the ice cream section then I noticed a familiar figure. That orange color, round little chocolate peanut butter cups that I love. REESE'S as an ice cream! Whoa! I have to buy one and taste it, I said to myself. Upon entering my dorm, I quickly snatched a spoon and opened the ice cream. Got a spoonful and put it in my increased salivary secretion mouth. The taste? BLAH! Not what I expected. I mean, it tastes like an ordinary milk chocolate ice cream which has bits of chocolate. I can't even taste the Reese's! I was so disappointed I felt guilty for my Php135 for it. Pfft! Oh well. :/

Need to study for our shifting exam tomorrow in Gross and finish my SGD. Good luck to us! =)


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