Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Wrote This For You

"You’re all tangled up in other people. Their worries have become your worries. Their expectations of you have become the expectations you have for yourself. Their dreams are slowly turning into your nightmares. You are not other people."

"You spend 99% of your life looking for the other 1%. But it's worth it."

"I'm not scared of never meeting you. I'm scared of having met you, and let you go."

"How many hearts would be invaded for the wrong reasons, if each time you said "I love you", you meant it?"

"It's a simple game. You win when you stop caring about it."

"And every single thing you ever did that bothered me, is every single thing I miss."

These are just few of the hundreds of inspiring quotes you can find in these blog/website:

I don't even remember how I came across the site, but I'm very thankful that I did. Ian, the writer, inspired me so much with his words. The theme of my blog is inspired by it! :D

Go see for yourself. :)


Friday, June 03, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom

We went to Enchanted Kingdom yesterday. Actually, its my little sister's advance birthday gift. She's been itching to go there and my mom was kind of irritated with her, so we pushed through it.

So what can I say about EK? Hhhmmm. I last went there when I was Grade 6 I think? And now I'm stuudying medicine. Too long huh? But I can say that not much has changed since. There were only few attractions added. Honestly, compared to the different amusement parks abroad like Disneyland, EK is a no-no. My mother even said its just like a big carnival. Lol. :D But really, its so small. :/

We saw Mark Herras and girlfriend Alynna Asistio, with her family -Nadia Montenegro and others. I swear we passed by them almost 5 times! That's how small EK is! :D Anyway, I can say there really is distinction if your family is known publicly. I mean, they have special attention when it comes to the rides. They would not fall in line. Instead, someone would assist them to ride the attraction first. Oh well, I guess that's just how it goes here in our surreal world.

Here are some pics.

With Mark Herras himself.

I was so wet when we rode Rio Grande! We don't have any picture because our camera's battery went dead. It's a good thing they have their 'Home Relations' section for it to be charged. It's free by the way.

With Merlin.

What I enjoyed most is this attraction or should I call it game. It's called laser mission. You have a mission inside a laser-filled room. The thing is, you have to do it in the least possible time. Every time you accidentally touch a laser, you'll have an additional 30 secs in your time. It was so fun! Although you have to pay additional Php 50.00 per game per head.

I scored 8th in the medium round, and 1st in the hard round! Hahaha! Yeah!

EK at night.

The end.


Summer Vacation 2011

Okaaay, my summer vacation is sooo over a few days from now. Arrrggghhh! School again on monday! Pfft! :(

Honestly, this summer was probably the most boring summer vacation I ever had. Hahaha! It's because we went nowhere. Tsk. Oh! We went to La Union and Baguio last April. But I don't see that as a trip. :/ And its freaking hot!

Still, here are some of our pictures.

The lion.

At PMA Baguio with Tita Baby.

I love these jump shot of mine! :)

The Manor.

Sunset in La Union.

My tito had a surf board and we got to try surfing. Hey! It's way more difficult than you can imagine!

Well, here's the best thing I got! :P

Also last April, my ate had her 1 month vacation here in the Philippines. She's working in Singapore and she went here to wait for her work pass.

Miss her so much!

We went to Enchanted Kingdom yesterday but I'll write about it in a different blog entry. :)

So that's it. My summer vacation. Bow.