Friday, June 10, 2011

I Wrote This For You

"You’re all tangled up in other people. Their worries have become your worries. Their expectations of you have become the expectations you have for yourself. Their dreams are slowly turning into your nightmares. You are not other people."

"You spend 99% of your life looking for the other 1%. But it's worth it."

"I'm not scared of never meeting you. I'm scared of having met you, and let you go."

"How many hearts would be invaded for the wrong reasons, if each time you said "I love you", you meant it?"

"It's a simple game. You win when you stop caring about it."

"And every single thing you ever did that bothered me, is every single thing I miss."

These are just few of the hundreds of inspiring quotes you can find in these blog/website:

I don't even remember how I came across the site, but I'm very thankful that I did. Ian, the writer, inspired me so much with his words. The theme of my blog is inspired by it! :D

Go see for yourself. :)


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