Sunday, December 25, 2011


Last month, my friend Josh treated me and my sister out cause he passed the NCLEX. Yey! It was supposed to be our other friend, but she's busy with work, so my sister was her substitute. :D

Josh bought a voucher for Marciano's. The deal is you pay 500 for 1000 worth of food. Not bad eh?

The food was just okay. We did not enjoy it that much except the Seafood Paella, which is really good.

Here are some pics.

We went there Saturday night I think, so GB was crowded. We were on the waiting list, so we browsed on the menu while waiting for our seat.

Inside the resto while finalizing our orders.

Our food. I can't exactly remember the names. All I remember is the Seafood Paella because that's the only thing we enjoyed! BOO for Marciano's.

Anyway, enough of Marciano's. I swear I will never eat there again. Hmpf!

After dinner, we maximized our chance to boost our vain-ness. Lol. :D Here's the proof.

My sister went home first. So Josh and I just continued our pictorial. It's our bonding, you know! LOL! :D

Still, inside the mall...

After our pictorial session, we went to coffee bean before going home. 

Fun night! Too bad my bestie wasn't able to come.


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