Monday, January 09, 2012


Got these quote from my love, "I Wrote This For You".

I have theories about what it takes to talk to you again.
I have theories about what normal is supposed to feel like.
I have theories about how many times a heart can be heard.
Just theories.

Then one comment says...

I have a theory that one day, it will all make sense.
I have a theory that one day, I will not miss nor want you as much as I do today.
I have a theory that one day,in some life, we will get it right and meet at the right time and place.
It is these theories that get me through the day, and one day, these theories will be proved.

Till then, I'll hold onto theories.

Gosh! I really envy these people for having the gift to speak their minds with utmost beautiful words. They literally make my day. :)



Berry said...

Dear blogger,

I have never been quoted before, and honestly, it made my day.

We all have the gift to speak up about our feelings, however, we are taught to constantly watch what we say as we grow up. That is what is so beautiful about technology and the internet, you can say exactly what you want, whenever you want and however you want.

Thank you for mentioning me. Thank you for following me, and thank you for including me.

Sheri-Paola Lirio said...

Wow! It's a pleasure. Thank you too. :)