Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2012

So today is officially the 1st day of my month! To start it of, here's my birthday wishlist. Hahaha! :D

Black Balenciaga bag. Joke! Hahaha! I want a big school bag where I can put thick books. =)

Fujifilm Instax Mini. Been saving up for this. But if someone wants to give me before I can buy it myself, I would gladly accept it. :P

Portable Laptop Cushion. I think I saw one in SM Dept. Store. :)

Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics :)

MAC Viva Glam Nicki :)

Havaianas flip-flops. Cause our dogs ate all my havs! :( You know my fave color. :D And size 39-40 please. Haha! :)

THANK YOU in advance my dear family and friends. :P

Kisses to everyone!