Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Wishlist 2013 :D

Wazzup coconut! Long time no post! It's our Christmas break, finally! Woot! Christmas season is definitely the most wonderful time of the year! ♥

Since I have nothing interesting to blog about, I'll just post my Christmas wishlist. Okay. Not that anyone actually reads this blog, but just in case. Haha! =)

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid Sedan :)

I still dream of my Balenciaga bag. :)

MacBook Pro :)

iPhone 5S :)

Michael Kors stylish watches :)

Tory Burch flats :)

Ray-Ban flash lens aviators in Green :)

Nike Running Shoes! So I'll be forced to run! Haha! :)

 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 :)

2TB WD My Passport Portable External Hard Drive :)

Smart Bro Pocket Wifi :)

Longchamp Large Tote Bag with long handle. Cause I need a new school bag! :)

Forever 21 GC's :)

Starbucks Coffee GC's :)

Bag of Cash! :D

I know, I know! Most of them are too good to be true! But hey! Miracles happen everyday! How much more on Christmas day when Jesus Christ is born, right? :)

Santa Baby, grant me my Christmas wishlist this year, please? Thank you! :)


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Doctor in training.

Along with the video below, I came across a letter which I think God really wanted me to read. Credits to the author and thank you so much because I'M MORE INSPIRED THAN EVER! :)

Repost from HERE.

I live an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle composed merely of sleeping for four hours a night (that is if you get lucky). Sitting for long hours in the classroom. My exercise regimen is changing classrooms, standing for an hour or two during bedside discussions, and carrying thick-paged and hard-bound medical books.

I am on the verge of caffeine addiction. All my energy has been drained from me. And the worst part is, I’m not just physically drained, I’m mentally and emotionally drained and socially stunted. Is this the price I have to pay to be a doctor, to have that right to attach to my name those two most important letters in the alphabet, MD?

Being a med student is like being handed a free roundtrip ticket to hell. For me, at least, it feels like it.

I’m not delusional. I’m not discouraging anybody to be a doctor. But, one must know and understand the realities—The truth that lies behind the typical life of a medical student.

Before I entered medical school, I already had this preconceived notion that it would be really difficult.

That was an understatement.

First year was devoted to studying the “normal”. The greatest bulk of my time was spent smelling formalin in the Anatomy laboratory with the cadavers. Since my pre-med was not Physical Therapy, I really had a hard time memorizing the origin, insertion, and actions of muscles which the doctors lovingly tie during practical examinations. Hello! Of course I know the commencement, termination, and tributaries of pudendal vein, but where the heck is it? I could not find it. I bet, even if they give me the whole hour to look for that vein, I’ll never find it.

Biochemistry? You need a trillion neurons to accommodate the litany of information you have to store. You’ll need more than 36 ATP from glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle to pass that subject. And more importantly, gluconeogenesis should also take place in your brain, not limited in your liver, because you’ll really need a large amount of glucose to feed your ischemic brain.

If you can live in Neuroanatomy, Histology, Anatomy, and Biochemistry memorizing without understanding, Physiology is a different story. Physiology is understanding without the need of memorizing, which unfortunately, was even harder for me.

Moving on from first year to second year was like transferring from the Sahara Desert to Siberia. Everything we studied was abnormal. We spent hours in Pathology looking under the microscope, helplessly racking every corner of our brains for the diagnosis of a small scraped tissue. How could you tell that the patient is having a heart failure, that she has cancer and that she only has five years to live just by examining a teeny-weeny bit of stained tissue, resembling more an abstract-surrealist painting which I can never appreciate?

The essence of being a doctor nowadays is to be able to give the patient a prescription (Right or wrong, most of the time it does not matter anymore. Patients get instantly healed when they get their prescriptions) . And in our Pharmacology examinations, I usually don’t get the right drug for prescription writing. Well, except forParacetamol, but what the heck, I always computed for the wrong dosage.

Internal Medicine tackled history and physical diagnosis. Here, you’ll get a first-hand experience of interviewing a real patient. It’s one small step closer to being a doctor. I remembered how nervous I was approaching my first patient. I didn’t know what to ask. My line of inquiry lacked coherence. I fumbled with the physical examination, wondering why I could not hear any heart sounds nor breath sounds, only to find out I wore my stethoscope the wrong way.

I’ve just finished third year and I’m barely alive. Third year was a totally different story. I had completely lost the idealism I had when I entered med school. I am beginning to ask myself why I’m spending the prime years of my life almost a breath away from cadavers, half alive-half dead myself. At 23, I should be earning already, And not be an immense burden to my parents. I have a high-maintenance lifestyle.

My parents would spend close to a P100,000 a semester only for my tuition.

I still had to ask my mom money for my books and daily allowance. And I know that this setup will continue another four years or so. As my high school friends are starting to save their earnings and beginning to build families of their own, I’m hardly out of med school, probably still stuck reading Harrison’s Internal Medicine, cramming for a case presentation and helplessly being grilled by a consultant during bedside discussion.

Being a med student is nothing but sacrifice…. First and foremost, you have to give up sleep… Sleep is the most precious gift any med student could ever receive. It seems that sleep does not exist in the vocabulary of our teachers. Sleep is taboo to medicine except when doctors advise it to their patients.

It’s totally ironic. Doctors know that human beings (medical students included), in order to function maximally the following day should at least get eight hours of sleep. Then why do they expect us to read everything, to pass all their difficult exams, actively participate in case discussions and to answer all their questions when you only get an average of four hours or less sleep per day? We’re not different from human beings who need to eat three times a day, who breathe the same air, and who need to rest.

It’s not as if God had given us an extraordinary pineal gland and reticular system so that have an extraordinary circadian rhythm and a long, long state of arousal. I just hope our doctors would understand that if a med student failed to read something, it’s not because he was lazy. He was probably tired and had gone to a dreamless slumber because he spent the previous night like a psycho studying for three exams.

I have sacrificed time for my family, for my friends, and for myself. My whole life right now is devoted to Harrison, to Schwartz, to Nelson, to Adams, to Smith, to Green, to Kaplan, all authors of my medical books. I mean if these are the surnames of all the guys I go out with, seven times a week, geez! I would die a happy and fulfilled woman! Instead of accompanying my mom to the supermarket, I have to stay home because I have to study. My dad had already complained to me that I do not have time for him.

My friends had stopped calling me because whenever they talked to me I either spoke in monosyllabic words, or they could not understand me because I spoke as if I drank tons of tequila. I talked like a drunk. Well, in fact, I was just in the middle of a dreamless sleep.

See? How can you choose this kind of lifestyle? It’ s not even a lucrative job anymore. You have to get rid of all the more experienced and old doctors to get even a handful of patients. So, if you want to be a millionaire, don’t slave in the hospital because even if God had made one day 72 hours, instead of 24,
or gave us 14 days instead of 7 in one week, you’re still way off your one million mark before the age of 30. Of course, I have witnessed a lot of people giving up med school…. But never have I heard, not even an anecdote, of a rich businessman giving up his entire career, just to study medicine.

Being a doctor is not something you have to decide overnight. It’s not a result of your whim or a fulfillment of your parents’ dream. Because if these would be your reasons, you’re entering the wrong profession. Choosing to be a doctor means being committed to a lifelong journey of endless sacrifice.

You have to be sure that this is the life you want to live—that you love to live—not something you’d tire of halfway. The ironic thing is I never wanted to be a doctor in the first place. I wanted to be a writer, a novelist, or even a journalist. I was just dragged by my mother to take up medicine but fortunately after seven years of schooling, I learned to love it. Of course I still have doubts that maybe I’m really not cut out to be a doctor, leading me to think if it’s really worth it. At this point, I don’t know anymore. What inspires me to continue is that in the future, I know I’m going to save a man’s life. And through it, I can honestly say to myself that I have made a difference in someone else’s life. And I reckon, maybe that’s what being a doctor is all about.

It’s not working in some fancy hospital, earning big bucks from your patients, changing your cars quarterly from BMW to an Alfa Romeo to a Jaguar, nor travelling around the world magnanimously sponsored by some big drug companies. Neither is it the various letters attached at the end of your name. Being a true doctor is not treating the patient as some hypothetical case from a medical textbook. It is treating the patient as a human being, Who possesses a heart that does not only pump blood but a heart that could feel, who doesn’t have a brain that is visualized only as black and white in an MRI or CT scan but has a mind that could reason, who is not merely composed of cells, of tissues, of organs, and of different systems but a human being who has a soul. Being a doctor is being able to look at every patient’s eyes and seeing in their depths the hope that somehow you can make one father go home and enjoy dinner with his family, or you can make a grandmother attend her only grandchild’s piano recital, or you can send a mother to be with her daughter as she enters into the complicated life of adolescence or you can transform an infant’s cry to a frolicking laughter. Being a doctor means being a part of an unimaginable greatness that you can only understand if you surrender yourself to years of rigorous training and incessant pursuit of medical knowledge.

During all my interviews in different med schools, they asked me why I wanted to be a doctor. I always answered that I wanted to help and save humanity. I’m sure all my interviewers have heard that same line from countless fellow applicants. But I don’t care because it’s the truth. I don’t know how I can do it but I know eventually I will, in my own small way. Medicine is neither for the weak-minded nor the weak-hearted. My endurance has been tested. My strength has been staunchly fortified. Medicine has changed me completely. I have sacrificed a great deal and most of the times, I may feel I’m not compensated. Most of the time, I would want to give up but I know deep in the core of my heart, I won’t. For after careful reflection, I realized that being a doctor actually gives me a different kind of happiness, a different kind of self-fulfillment, which I can never find in any profession. Well, I just hope my fellow aspiring doctors are fortunate enough to share the same sentiments.
Reminder to self: Sheri-Paola L. Lirio M.D.


Friday, September 13, 2013

What's keeping me busy?

So aside from books and hand-outs, I pretty much spend my time on American Series's these past few weeks. Here are my favorites:


I never thought I would looove this series so much! Mindy is so perfect! First, she is a doctor. Second, she dates hot guys. I mean seriously, trust me when I say they're all HOT! Third, her sense of style rocks! Despite her color and weight? Oh yeah she can definitely pull off anything. As in! And last but not the least, I am wholeheartedly a fan of the Mindy-Danny love team. ♥♥♥ Hahaha! Let's see where it'll go when Season 2 starts next week! Yey! I'm sooo excited! =)


Suits is the counterpart of all the medical series out there because it's all about law. I really think they had the perfect casting in this series. Each character portrayed his/her role disturbingly good! Ahhhh, Mike Ross, I am inlove with you! Hahaha! But is it really like that in real life? I mean the lawyer thing? Are they really that cool?! I mean they can literally and figuratively figure out anything to get out of the hardest situations. They always come up with something! How do they do that?! Damn! I must find myself some lawyer soon. :P 


When times are hard, I usually just turn on my laptop and watch any episode from this series. They are hilarious! I love them both! :)


A chick-flick series for the teenager in me. Hahaha! :D


Nope. I have not started it yet! But prolly next week, if the schedule permits it. :)


Carry your world, I'll carry your world. ♥

It's just too beautiful for words. :)


Repost: "You Left But I Still Have Sand In My Shoes"

From Thought Catalog: HERE

"I found out the other day that you left. It was sort-of by accident. Or maybe it wasn’t. I was wondering about you, and decided to use our modern-day devices to find out what I could. It’s scary how much we rely on these things to tell us what we should already know. And as I was unashamedly peering into your life, I came across what seemed to be a friend welcoming you back. They were welcoming you back to a place that isn’t here. So I guess you left, but I still have sand in my shoes.

Fleeting feelings don’t count for much and it would be mistaken to say it was anything else. But sometimes it’s the most short-lived experiences that leave the deepest impressions; the hardest imprints in a season’s memory. You’ll never know the mark you made and it’s probably best this way. But a part of me felt strange that you were being welcomed back elsewhere. It was not surprise, but sadness. I realized that you left but I still have sand in my shoes.

I don’t know why I tell myself that I am good at goodbyes. Maybe it’s because I’m always leaving. And I guess we never really said goodbye which always left hope lingering. A hope that is not righteous or virtuous or true; an immoral hope, but a hope nonetheless. And even when I saw that you were likely back in a place that you knew, I was still hoping that maybe my eyes had deceived me, or that the language was ambiguous and that I had misunderstood. Because it would mean that you left but I still have sand in my shoes.

I began to think of things as being better when you were here; which we tend to do when we are nostalgic. And then I felt like a mad woman because it dawned on me that I have no right to be nostalgic for you. As it stands, you are a mere paragraph in my life’s book, as I am in yours. But if I were to be writing that book now, I’d put my heart’s effort into your part. Because I am that crazy; I am that hopelessly crazy girl that you met on a midsummer night. And now I know you left, but I still have sand in my shoes.

I doubt you think of me as much as I think of you. And it makes me feel pathetic; I am. But I needed you when you were here and I’ll always be grateful for that. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping you had found a way to stay. Because even though our fleeting moments were long gone before you were, I was still hoping for yet another. Perhaps a reincarnation of that midsummer night when we met, but on a much cooler day. I understand that you left but I still have sand in my shoes.

Maybe we’ll see each other again sometime in the future. That would be nice; it’s where my heart and mind went to, when I found out that you were being welcomed back to that place that isn’t here. Or maybe I’ll forget you soon. But I do know that when I come across certain places and things, I’ll think of you. And I know that when I’m out and about, at least for a while, I’ll still be wretchedly looking for you; hoping to see you again. You left and you were always going to, but I still have sand in my shoes. And I’m not ready to dust it off just yet."

Credits to the author.


Saturday, July 06, 2013

GV Songs :)

Updated my playlist with these GV songs! :)

Love Somebody - Maroon 5

Treasure - Bruno Mars

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke ft. T.I., Pharrell

If You Could See Me Now - The Script

People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson

I Was A Fool - Tegan and Sara

Come Back - The Lylas

That Power - Will.I.Am. ft. Justin Bieber

Beautiful - Mariah Carey ft. Miguel

Demons - Imagine Dragons

The Other Side - Jaspn Derulo


Mommy's 50th Birthday: Part 2 of 2

Way overdue post! "Better late than never!" (Always the quote of an overdue post. Lol!)

Okay so we spent that weekend of Mom's birthday at Diamond Hotel for our last surprise for her.

We availed the hotel's superior room. I have been in this hotel for the nth time and it never fails to give me the 5 star hotel feel on it. The rooms were very clean and all their staff were accommodating. I will definitely recommend this hotel to all my balikbayan relatives and friends. :)

 Photo op with the seesters! :D

Of course, our bonggang surprise for mom -Ate Jeannine's surprise arrival from SG! :)


We definitely missed Papa. :( Oh well, it was a very happy weekend for all of us especially for mommy!

Again happy happy birthday to our beautiful mommy! We love you sooo much! :*


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Mommy's 50th Birthday: Part 1 of 2

Another overdue post. Lol. My mom's 50th birthday was last May 21 but it was a week long celebration so I divided the blog post into two parts.

This is my beautiful mommy! ♥

We woke her up at around 3AM to sing her a happy birthday and to give her our gifts. :)

Papa gave her the usual bouquet of flowers and letter. I swear my dad is the sweetest! There's no birthday that he did not gave mom a bouquet of flowers! As in "walang palya". Hahaha! It's a bouquet of 50 long stemmed roses by the way. :) And the Gucci bag is also from him. I gave mom an Aldo bag; my little sister gave her a long letter; and Ninang 1 gave her a blouse from Bayo. =)

We had our "paalay" that day. Paalay is when you offer flowers to Mama Mary with a group of people singing songs of praise.

Then we had our merienda/dinner right after the paalay at our Grandma's house.

The day after mom's birthday, we went to Manila to run some errands. My sister Pau surprised mom with the most delicious strawberry shortcake ever from Patisserie Bebe! =)

It's an authentic Japanese cake and it's super delicious!

A very happy birthday to the most amazing woman in the world, my Mommy! I love you beyond words and I can't tell you how much you mean to me! I know I haven't been the best daughter, with my brattiness and unpredictable mood swings. :D But even then, you love me unconditionally. I just want to thank you for everything. We are so blessed to have you as our mom and we can't imagine life without you! Couldn’t ask for a more loving, caring, patient and supportive mom. We love you so much! Happy happy birthday! ❤

Part 2 up next! :)