Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bum Post #1

Since I'm on a "bum mode" from my break from school, my future blog posts will consist of just random things I do everyday to kill the boredom. :)

So last week, I and two of my siblings went to DLSL to pick up my cousin who just got back from STCAA in Cavite. STCAA or Southern Tagalog CALABARZON Athletic Association is an annual sports competition of different schools in the CALABARZON area.

A stroll down memory lane from my High School Alma Mater. Hail hail alma mater, hail to de la salle!!!

Oh how I miss my high school friends. :(

Saw this on their guidance bulletin board in recognition of the love month. =)

This is their 'kapilya'. This just used to be a part of the oval during my time. :)

What I love about this school is they teach their students to never forget our Almighty Father, before and after every game, win or lose. 

My cousin's team is the Champion for the Men's Volleyball bracket. =)

We dropped by Starbucks Lipa for coffee. :)

Also, what's keeping me busy are these books I have yet to read! Weeeeee!

I'm also pursuing my love for music through instruments like Piano. Hehehe. :)


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