Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence.

I love her too much not to post about her winning moment in the Oscars last Monday. :)

She wore a Dior Haute Couture. So classy. So beautiful! Definitely the best dressed that night.

 Look at how gorgeous she was. In. Every. Angle.

 Her winning moment will not be complete without that fall! Hahaha.

This was on the press conference after her win. She gave that middle finger salute to a member of the crowd. Hahaha! Please don't change J.Law. Don't!

The following videos would show how bubbly, down to earth, funny, sexy, and beautiful she is. Gaaahhh! ♥♥♥

During the red carpet.

Listen on how she described her dress! "This is the top, this is the bottom." Haha. So adorable!

 Yes she did ask for food! How awesome is that? Hahaha!

Her winning moment!

The funniest press conference!

Her fan girl moment with Jack Nicholson.

How could you not love her?

P.S. Please watch the "Silver Linings Playbook"  if you haven't yet, just so you would understand why she won the Best Actress award. She deserved it more than anyone!


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