Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Private nurse.

So last week, I was a private nurse to my uncle, Tito Onard. He got into an accident while he was in the ship. He's a seaman by the way. We were in the hospital from Monday last week until Monday this week.

The Lord is really good because their ship was 30 minutes away from the port in Hongkong when the accident happened. So when they reached the dock, an ambulance was already waiting.

He spent a week in Princess Margaret Hospital in Hongkong and continued his treatment here in Manila. He had an operation and the hematoma in the frontal part of his head was removed.

He's better now, thank you to our Almighty Father. We are also back here in Batangas. :)

God really has a purpose for everything. My tito would not have someone to accompany him if I had not taken a break from school. He's separated and my other tita's and tito's all have work, so I'm the only one available to assist him in the hospital. God really amazes me every single day. ♥

I want to commend the hospital De Los Santos-STI Medical Center for their excellent service. The doctors, nurses, maintenance were exceptional! I would definitely recommend this hospital to my family and friends.

His friends from the ship were generous enough to contribute what they can to help tito. You can absolutely tell who your true friends are in times of hardship. The letter says "Helping hands for Leonard". :') Thank you so much to tito's friends! May God bless your good hearts. ♥

The donuts were given by one of his friends who came over to visit. :)

An example of my usual meals during my stay in the hospital. Yes. Fast food for 1 week. Talk about weight gain! Haha!

When I get bored, I get vain. Lol! :P

What greeted me when I entered my room here at home! Pasalubongs from Italy! Thank you Tito Roland! =)

I pray for everyone to be safe always. God bless us all. :)


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