Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bestie's birthday.

I was browsing through my past blog posts and realized I haven't blogged about my bestie's birthday last February yet, so here is my super duper late post. Better late than never right? :)

I, together with her family had lunch at Chinatown's Best Foods. The food was okay and the place was really crowded that time because it was Chinese New Year, so we did not enjoy our food that much.

My bestie and her beautiful mom. :)

I took this picture and later realized that I am included in it too. Haha. =)

Me and my beautiful bestie. :)

Her sister had an instax mini and was kind enough to give us a film. :)

After lunch, we went to Glorietta to hang out. Of course, a selfie pic. Lol!

Had our ice cream fix at DQ.

Then we went to their house to hang out some more. Haha! =)

Photo op again. :)

Saw these pictures at her room. Isn't my bestie the cutest? :)

My bestie and her elder sister, Ate Jacq. :)

Before I left, we sang her a happy birthday and she blew her cake. The cake was from me, Renz, and Josh. I forced them to buy her a cake. Haha! Hey, what's a birthday without a cake? :D

Happy happy birthday to my bestie! I wouldn't trade you for anyone in the world! :) I hope you know how blessed and thankful I am for having you in my life. I will always treasure our friendship and I hope you would not change a bit, even if you're in a relationship na. Hahaha! :P

We haven't seen each other since her birthday and I miss her sooo much! :(

This song is dedicated to you my bestie. :) I love you forever and ever! ♥


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