Sunday, June 09, 2013

Mommy's 50th Birthday: Part 1 of 2

Another overdue post. Lol. My mom's 50th birthday was last May 21 but it was a week long celebration so I divided the blog post into two parts.

This is my beautiful mommy! ♥

We woke her up at around 3AM to sing her a happy birthday and to give her our gifts. :)

Papa gave her the usual bouquet of flowers and letter. I swear my dad is the sweetest! There's no birthday that he did not gave mom a bouquet of flowers! As in "walang palya". Hahaha! It's a bouquet of 50 long stemmed roses by the way. :) And the Gucci bag is also from him. I gave mom an Aldo bag; my little sister gave her a long letter; and Ninang 1 gave her a blouse from Bayo. =)

We had our "paalay" that day. Paalay is when you offer flowers to Mama Mary with a group of people singing songs of praise.

Then we had our merienda/dinner right after the paalay at our Grandma's house.

The day after mom's birthday, we went to Manila to run some errands. My sister Pau surprised mom with the most delicious strawberry shortcake ever from Patisserie Bebe! =)

It's an authentic Japanese cake and it's super delicious!

A very happy birthday to the most amazing woman in the world, my Mommy! I love you beyond words and I can't tell you how much you mean to me! I know I haven't been the best daughter, with my brattiness and unpredictable mood swings. :D But even then, you love me unconditionally. I just want to thank you for everything. We are so blessed to have you as our mom and we can't imagine life without you! Couldn’t ask for a more loving, caring, patient and supportive mom. We love you so much! Happy happy birthday! ❤

Part 2 up next! :)


Monday, June 03, 2013

Sweetest downfall.

"It gets hard to trust anyone, when everyone you`ve opened your heart to, has let you down."