Friday, September 13, 2013

What's keeping me busy?

So aside from books and hand-outs, I pretty much spend my time on American Series's these past few weeks. Here are my favorites:


I never thought I would looove this series so much! Mindy is so perfect! First, she is a doctor. Second, she dates hot guys. I mean seriously, trust me when I say they're all HOT! Third, her sense of style rocks! Despite her color and weight? Oh yeah she can definitely pull off anything. As in! And last but not the least, I am wholeheartedly a fan of the Mindy-Danny love team. ♥♥♥ Hahaha! Let's see where it'll go when Season 2 starts next week! Yey! I'm sooo excited! =)


Suits is the counterpart of all the medical series out there because it's all about law. I really think they had the perfect casting in this series. Each character portrayed his/her role disturbingly good! Ahhhh, Mike Ross, I am inlove with you! Hahaha! But is it really like that in real life? I mean the lawyer thing? Are they really that cool?! I mean they can literally and figuratively figure out anything to get out of the hardest situations. They always come up with something! How do they do that?! Damn! I must find myself some lawyer soon. :P 


When times are hard, I usually just turn on my laptop and watch any episode from this series. They are hilarious! I love them both! :)


A chick-flick series for the teenager in me. Hahaha! :D


Nope. I have not started it yet! But prolly next week, if the schedule permits it. :)


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