Saturday, February 08, 2014

Apocalypse Run

Earlier today, me and my little sister attended our first fun run ever and ermergerd! It's super duper mega epic fail! As in! Pau, my younger sister was so disappointed cause she was the one who paid for it and she expected it to be as fun as the other fun runs she's attended before. Turned out it was the worst. The organizers were not organized. I think the waiting for the run to start was longer than the run itself. Ugh! It's supposed to be a 5 km. run but I think it's just around 2-3 km. The obstacles were sooo lame. The zombies who were supposed to run after the runners became artists cause people were taking pictures with them. (Okay, including us. Haha!) Worst fun run ever. I hear most of the runners complain about how lousy the run is. The only good thing is the freebies afterwards. =(

On the brighter side, we had our bonding session and had fun taking selfies. Lol.


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