Friday, February 28, 2014

I Knew I Loved You

I knew I loved you before I met you because of:

-Your passion for God
-Your love for your family and friends
-Your enthusiasm to serve others
-Your desire to change the world for the better
-Your big dreams and ambitions for yourself
-Your positive views about everything
-Your enchanting voice
-Your warrior face

We may not know each other personally, but you inspire me already. How much more when we meet in person? I can't hardly wait! I'm crazy to think like this but, who cares? You have influenced me in such a way that I want to become a better version of myself, and that alone means you're worthy of loving.

In God's perfect time, we'll finally meet. I'll wait for that day. I'll sing to you this song. Until then, let's focus on what God has called us to do and prepare ourselves for each other.

I'll see you soon, my future love. *C.N.O.N.*


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