Monday, March 31, 2014


All this time, I believed with all I am that I would find you. ♥ You were everything I imagined you to be. I hope we'll have our chance to know each other better. :) 

P.S. I'm wearing the smile you gave me. =)



Last night while praying, I could not help but cry because of happiness and gratitude. Yes! Tears of joy! Last night was a moment of euphoria for me! The feeling was so intense, I cound not fathom into words the feeling I felt and I have no idea why I felt like that! I guess I really am happy that God and I are so much closer now than ever! Maybe because I am so consumed by His love that it just overflowed! Gaaahhh! I never want to let go of this feeling! I am constantly praying these lines, "Nothing else can satisfy my hearts desires, all I ask is more of You", but it is only now that I understood it and I just feel so great! Waaahhh! Lord! I surrender everything to You! I give You my heart, my soul, my life. It is Yours, Lord. Only Yours! Thank You for everything! -For the never ending blessings, for the answered and unanswered prayers, for the promise of a brighter future, but most especially for Your unconditional and unfailing love! Lord, thank You, thank You, thank You. I want to feel this way forever! Oh Lord, You are awesome! I can't wait to see Your masterplan for my life unfold! I am so pumped up! I think I am slowly starting to become the me I have always dreamed of being! And it's all because of Your love, Lord! Really, I am in awe. You leave me speechless. You truly are a faithful God and I could not ask for more! Thank Youuu and I love Youuu! ♥♥♥

My saving grace, my endless love, deeper and deeper, I'm falling in love with You.
My one desire, my only truth, deeper and deeper, I'm falling in love with You.
With YOU. 



Sunday, March 30, 2014

Make A Move

Tomorrow, I will MAKE A MOVE. ♥ Woot! Scared and excited at the same time! Haha! Strength and grace, Lord! =)


Saturday, March 29, 2014


I can't even!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait 'til April 1st!!!!!!!!!!! =)


Saturday, March 22, 2014

All of Me Loves All of You

Guys, trust me. Every girl would want their special guy to sing this song to them. ♥

So to my future husband, you know what to do. Sing this to me in the most romantic way, okay? Haha! =)


Life Lessons

Everyone should read this. =) Repost from HERE.

On Sept. 3, 2012, James K. Flanagan of West Long Branch, N.J., died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He wrote this letter to his five grandchildren just months earlier and it is reprinted here with the permission of his daughter Rachel Creighton.

Dear Ryan, Conor, Brendan, Charlie, and Mary Catherine,

My wise and thoughtful daughter Rachel urged me to write down some advice for you, the important things that I have learned about life. I am beginning this on 8 April 2012, the eve of my 72nd birthday.

1. Each one of you is a wonderful gift of God both to your family and to all the world. Remember it always, especially when the cold winds of doubt and discouragement fall upon your life.

2. Be not afraid . . . of anyone or of anything when it comes to living your life most fully. Pursue your hopes and your dreams no matter how difficult or "different" they may seem to others. Far too many people don't do what they want or should do because of what they imagine others may think or say. Remember, if they don't bring you chicken soup when you're sick or stand by you when you're in trouble, they don't matter. Avoid those sour-souled pessimists who listen to your dreams then say, "Yeah, but what if . . ." The heck with "what if. . ." Do it! The worst thing in life is to look back and say: "I would have; I could have; I should have." Take risks, make mistakes.

3. Everyone in the world is just an ordinary person. Some people may wear fancy hats or have big titles or (temporarily) have power and want you to think they are above the rest. Don't believe them. They have the same doubts, fears, and hopes; they eat, drink, sleep, and fart like everyone else. Question authority always but be wise and careful about the way you do it.

4. Make a Life List of all those things you want to do: travel to places; learn a skill; master a language; meet someone special. Make it long and do some things from it every year. Don't say "I'll do it tomorrow" (or next month or next year). That is the surest way to fail to do something. There is no tomorrow, and there is no "right" time to begin something except now.

5. Practice the Irish proverb: Moi an olge agus tiocfaidh sí "Praise the child and she will flourish."

6. Be kind and go out of your way to help people -- especially the weak, the fearful, and children. Everyone is carrying a special sorrow, and they need our compassion.

7. Don't join the military or any organization that trains you to kill. War is evil. All wars are started by old men who force or fool young men to hate and to kill each other. The old men survive, and, just as they started the war with pen and paper, they end it the same way. So many good and innocent people die. If wars are so good and noble, why aren't those leaders who start wars right up there fighting?

8. Read books, as many as you can. They are a wonderful source of delight, wisdom, and inspiration. They need no batteries or connections, and they can go anywhere.

9. Be truthful.

10. Travel: always but especially when you are young. Don't wait until you have "enough" money or until everything is "just right." That never happens. Get your passport today.

11. Pick your job or profession because you love to do it. Sure, there will be some things hard about it, but a job must be a joy. Beware of taking a job for money alone -- it will cripple your soul.

12. Don't yell. It never works, and it hurts both yourself and others. Every time I have yelled, I have failed.

13. Always keep promises to children. Don't say "we'll see" when you mean "no." Children expect the truth; give it to them with love and kindness.

14. Never tell anyone you love them when you don't.

15. Live in harmony with Nature: go into the outdoors, woods, mountains, sea, desert. It's important for your soul.

16. Visit Ireland. It's where the soul of our family was born -- especially the West: Roscommon, Clare, and Kerry.

17. Hug people you love. Tell them how much they mean to you now; don't wait until it's too late.

18. Be grateful. There is an Irish saying: "This is a day in our lives, and it will not come again." Live every day with this in mind.

As was written in his obituary, James K. Flanagan "was proudly liberal and fought unyieldingly for the underdog. He was an accomplished author, poet, and seanchai -- Irish storyteller; he reveled in recounting the joy of growing up Catholic in Jersey City and his adventures in the Adirondack Mountains and on the Western coast of Ireland. His greatest love was spending time with his family, most of all his five grandchildren" Ryan (11); Conor (10); Brendan (9); Charles (8); and Mary Catherine (5)."


Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes You A Better Person

This is why I'm in love with you, sweetheart. ♥ Repost from HERE.

The Beauty Of Falling In Love With Someone Who Makes You A Better Person

Before we begin, I’d like you to step into my lair a little bit. I promise I won’t get weird. Turn up a little “Samson” by Regina Spektor or “Skinny Love” by Birdy or whatever soft piano/acoustic/vocal mashup you got in your arsenal of slow songs for days like this when the sky is freeing snowballs and the world feels like one big fleece blanket.

It’s days like this when I’m trapped inside, indulging in my own fun (painting my nails while my hair soaks in a hair masque), that my mind wanders to what I’d be doing if I weren’t stuck home. I’m going to be honest, sometimes, when it’s nearing darkness and the evening hours seem to stretch on endlessly, I wish I had another person there to share in my thoughts of grandeur.

That’s how I came to the conclusion that above anything else — looks, charm, humor, romance — I want a man who will enliven me. Someone who’s going to push my boundaries, introduce me to places I’ve never heard of and embolden me to do the unimaginable because he genuinely believes I can. If he inspires me like that, then the rest will come naturally.

To be frank, it’s hard to come up with new sh*t on your own all the time. You need a partner-in-crime who won’t settle for the mundane, who lives for the thrill, especially when you’re by his side. He’s the guy who won’t think twice about staying out late on a night of adventure even when there’s work in the morning. He’s the one who says “let’s do it” instead of “let’s see.”

Think about it: There’s a reason artists fall in love with their muses. They build you up and make you strive to be your best self.

Take Shakespeare (or even “Shakespeare In Love,” another favorite), for example. Practically his entire collection of love sonnets is inspired by someone else. His greatest work was rooted in his adoration and admiration for a mysterious lover. Falling in love with someone who excites you is ancient.

Look no further than the cult favorite “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,” even. Although a tempestuous relationship, there’s no denying that Maria Elena and Juan Antonio have that passionate spark. In the drama of it all, they always come back to each other.

Maybe it’s my inner hopeless romantic; maybe it’s the wintry cuddle season, but if I’m stuck inside dreaming all day, I want to be with someone whose dreams are wilder than mine.

Here’s why you should fall in love with someone who exhilarates you:

1. They introduce you to things you’ve never imagined

It’s a big, big world out there, filled with crazy stuff like The World at Dubai and beer-flavored jelly beans and so much more that we can’t discover it all on our own. Someone who inspires you brings a sense of awe into your life, even when it’s as small as showing you the secret spot for the best wings in the city.

2. They motivate you to do better

They will push you to be a better person without directly putting pressure on you. Your partner serves as the best incentive to transcend your limitations. When you’re ready to give up, it’s important to have a supporting person to get you back on track.

3. They are profoundly interesting

This is the person you can lie across the couch with, talking all day and never running out of things to say. They possess this otherworldly knowledge that’s enlightening and captivating at the same time. Who can resist a guy who can pontificate on European history just as easily as he can show you the sites?

4. They make you feel fulfilled

You won’t feel like you’re missing out on something or that anything greater can come along. Everything you need is right in front of you, which is really the beauty of falling in love with someone who inspires you. They make you realize that you have all the capabilities of finding self-satisfaction.

5. They make you dream bigger

When you connect with this person, their investment in you means that you will be motivated to constantly strive to go beyond what you think you are capable of. Being with this person makes you feel like you can do anything, escape to anywhere, conquer whatever you set out to do. It’s an unexplainable high every time.

6. They help you achieve your goals because they understand their importance to you

This person isn’t going to hold you back from anything. If you want to sign up for a new class or check out the latest live music, they won’t stop you for selfish reasons. They understand that your personal happiness is just as paramount as their own.

7. They bring excitement in your life

There’s no such thing as a boring activity in your relationship — even if you’re spending the night in, staying up watching a psychological thriller, or playing tease card games. This person is inherently intriguing, which makes it easy to get lost in your days together.

8. They challenge you

This person won’t “yes” you when you ask them for an honest opinion. Take it as a sign that you hold significance in their lives when they don’t let you get away with mediocrity. This is someone who cares about you enough to tell you the hard truths that you can’t tell yourself.

9. They make you realize how amazing you truly are

All this time you think this person is flawless because they are a role model in your life, but in reality, it’s what you also bring to the table that makes this other person shine. They help you remember that you make a great team; it’s not a one-sided relationship.

And if you are lucky enough to find this person who so positively builds your confidence and sense of self, then you are quite an inspiration to me.


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Friday, March 14, 2014

Absolutely adorable!

Love, love looovvveee this video! Very good lip syncing! Haha! Especially the guy! Though I don't know what's more funny, the parents doing the "Frozen" song, or the cutie pie at the back who doesn't have a clue on what's going on in the front seat. LOL! Must watch! =)


Saturday, March 08, 2014

Inner Peace

Repost from HERE.

A Prayer For When You Need Inner Peace

You are the silent prayer, where the mind wanders when it finds respite. You are the miracle that unveils the wonders of life. You are the rain that streams through the clouds and the sun that blankets the sky. You are the sound that dims the noise we don’t want to hear. You are the light that intimidates all evil. You are the silent observer who transpires every now and again. You are always there.

Belief sways between contemplation and closure. You are omnipresent and unbiased, but mostly because you are inaudible. You don’t announce your presence through words, but let the tale unfold slowly instead.

Sometimes, it seems you unleash your wrath when we are caught off-guard. At other times, you astonish us with marvels we never expected. You dim the lights and urge us to trudge through the blinding darkness, only so that we can reach the illumination. And when the twilight of life consumes us, your ubiquitous influence radiates through the murky path.

You watch us thank others, but you never seem to mind not being thanked. Perhaps it’s because you don’t view any of us as distinct from yourself.

You grant us the gift of discovering who we are. You ask no questions and you give no answers. You only envelope us in the fortune and doom that we create for ourselves.

You forgive us although we always forget to forgive each other. You are that unforgettable smile that warms our hearts. In our pursuit of seeking the answers, you are the tranquil pause between the question mark and the first word. You are the cloud that bursts when we’re not ready. You are the wings we discover when we must learn how to fly. You are what drapes adversity, you are what helps us go on.

You don’t say things as we like to hear them, but you link us with people who don’t let us forget. You are an unseeable force ironically personified. You are the glorious truth juxtaposed against lies.

I never believed that you send reminders of your presence, until you really did. The biggest miracle isn’t that we make a choice to believe in you. It is that you send messengers to us every day, who we can recognize only if we look closely.


Wow. Just wow.

Faith in humanity restored after reading this 14-year old boy's poem. =) Repost from HERE.

Here’s the transcript of the poem:

Our generation will be known for nothing.
Never will anybody say,
We were the peak of mankind.
That is wrong, the truth is
Our generation was a failure.
Thinking that
We actually succeeded
Is a waste. And we know
Living only for money and power
Is the way to go.
Being loving, respectful, and kind
Is a dumb thing to do.
Forgetting about that time,
Will not be easy, but we will try.
Changing our world for the better
Is something we never did.
Giving up
Was how we handled our problems.
Working hard
Was a joke.
We knew that
People thought we couldn’t come back
That might be true,
Unless we turn things around
(Read from bottom to top now)

Here’s what it reads when it’s reversed:

Unless we turn things around
That might be true,
People thought we couldn’t come back
We knew that
Was a joke.
Working hard
Was how we handled our problems.
Giving up
Is something we never did.
Changing our world for the better
Will not be easy, but we will try.
Forgetting about that time,
Is a dumb thing to do.
Being loving, respectful, and kind
Is the way to go.
Living only for money and power
Is a waste. And we know
We actually succeeded
Thinking that
Our generation was a failure.
That is wrong, the truth is
We were the peak of mankind.
Never will anybody say,
Our generation will be known for nothing.


Me Time

Repost from HERE.

Why are people so incredibly against being alone? We all seem to be afraid of it. We make friends who usually aren’t worth having. We date people we shouldn’t be dating. We spend our time and money running away from being on our lonesome.

Loneliness is not something to aim for, but being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely. In fact, spending more time with ourselves, without being surrounded by people, and without virtually surrounding ourselves via all those social networking platforms, we can find solace in the company that matters most: the relationship we have with ourselves.

Here are 15 benefits of spending time alone:

1. Introduces You To A Simple Life

A simple life is a beautiful life. In this day and age, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with things we want to do, ought to do, need to do and are avoiding doing. We all have so much going on in our lives, but to what end? It’s as if we are all running some sort of race, a race with no real finish other than death. People are aiming for a happy life somewhere down the line when the point of life is being happy throughout the ride.

2. Allows You To Keep Your Mind Clear

I’m sure I’m not the only person who finds himself mentally overwhelmed. Our minds are capable of storing massive amounts of information. However, you can’t simply collect information. You need to organize it. Our minds have a filing system that, in part, works on its own, but it requires slowing down and removing yourself from the constant flow of new information. You can’t process and file simultaneously. We don’t come equipped with dual processors.

3. Helps Maintain A More Accurate Perception

More stable would probably be a better way to put it. Our perceptions are flexible; they change as we accumulate new experiences. But when we are constantly interacting with others and constantly processing new information, it makes getting a grasp on reality rather tricky. It’s not so much that you don’t have a clear perception of your reality; it’s that you don’t take enough time to explore the reality you’ve created. Removing yourself from the world allows you to reacquaint yourself with the way you see the world.

4. You Will Learn Things About Yourself That You Couldn’t Otherwise

By understanding the way you perceive the world, you gain insight into you as an individual. You will have more time to consciously roam around in your mind, to notice the way you think, notice the way your thoughts interact with the physical world, and notice how you judge both the outside world and yourself.

We think all the time, but it’s not often that we look at our thoughts from the outside looking in. We are more often than not caught up in thought, failing to differentiate our formulated thoughts from ourselves, the thinkers. Spend more time alone to develop the ability to differentiate yourself from all those thoughts flying about in your head. You two aren’t one in the same.

5. Relieves Anxiety

Because we don’t differentiate between ourselves and our thoughts, anxiety quickly builds. If we are overwhelmed by all the thoughts we’re having, not being able to slow them down because we feel they are a part of us, we begin to feel heavy and sluggish. If the thoughts are negative, they end up affecting us profoundly. Spending more time on your lonesome will allow you the opportunity to set your mind straight and rid yourself of unnecessary negative thoughts, alleviating your anxiety.

6. Forces You To Become Less Dependent On Others

Most people don’t like being alone because they feel the need to be social, to interact with others. This is a part of human nature. However, the amount of social interaction we require to remain sane is nowhere near the amount most of us experience on a daily basis. Moreover, the amount necessary is much less than the amount we feel we need.

The fact is, most of us are dependent on others for our happiness. We use them as distractions. Distractions from what? From ourselves. But why do you feel the need to keep you away from you?

7. Your Life Becomes More Efficient

We spend a lot of time in our lives, excuse my French, dicking around. We do things for the sake of doing them. We “hang out.” We “chill.” We find ways of filling up our days in order not to have time to do nothing – because doing nothing is bad. But the fact is, you can’t do nothing; it’s physically impossible. You are a living thing and are always doing something.

More than that, you are a human being. Our minds aren’t capable of doing absolutely nothing. Try doing nothing and you’ll notice that you’re still doing something. Becoming comfortable with being alone removes a lot of excess waste from your life because you come to realize it as being useless.

8. You Slow Down

Life isn’t a race. If it were, then you should be trying to avoid the finish line, not get there sooner. Taking the time to slow down and enjoy the little things — the air around you, the chair you are sitting in, the way your tongue feels pressed against your teeth — will bring you greater joy than you ever thought possible. Being alive should be enough to make you happy. If it doesn’t, you need to slow down and remove yourself from distractions.

9. You Remove Yourself From Unnecessary Information

Just 10 years ago, we weren’t exposed to nearly as much information as we are now. Looking back 50 years, the difference is colossal. Human beings are not yet used to being fed so much information; processing all this information can become difficult – mostly because the majority of it is useless to us. Humans developed their cognitive abilities as a means of surviving.

But knowing that Sarah is eating a cheeseburger via Instagram or that Justin Bieber may get deported via Twitter does not relate to our personal happiness. It’s all information that doesn’t make the least bit difference to our personal lives, to our well-being. Unplugging from this constant stream of information is incredibly relieving.

10. You’ll Come To Accept That You’re Enough To Make Yourself Happy

The only way to achieve sustainable happiness is to be happy with the bare minimum. Why? Maintaining anything requires constants and the only thing you can never lose and never have to worry about losing is you. You will always have you. You can lose everything else, but you can’t lose you. Learn to be happy with just yourself and everything else positive that comes your way will only be a very pleasant surprise.

11. You’ll Save Money

It turns out that being alone is a lot cheaper than spending time with others. Alone, you can literally just sit or close your eyes and do close to nothing, just thinking and imagining. Now imagine trying to convince your friends to come over and do the same. Not going to happen. You’re going to have to spend money one way or another. Socializing always comes at a price, while being alone only costs you on occasion.

12. Get Introduced To Your Weaknesses

People seem to be afraid of being alone and getting to know themselves because they are afraid of what they’ll find. Their egos don’t like their minds doing the digging because they will surely find soft spots. We all have our weaknesses. You can choose to ignore them or you can understand them and learn how to position yourself in a way where you either work on them or avoid having to expose them.

13. Allows You To Set Your Priorities Straight

Society convinces us that we want a lot of things we really don’t want. It’s the competitive nature of man that has us reaching for the stars when, in reality, the ground under our feet is more than enough. There’s nothing wrong with aiming high — I sure as hell do — but make sure that what you’re aiming for is something you actually want, not something you want because others want it as well.

If you don’t really want something, but are aiming for it, anyway, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. If you don’t get it, you’ll be disappointed with not getting it, and if you do get it, you’ll be disappointed that it wasn’t what you thought it’d be. Get your priorities straight and you’ll have less disappointment in your life.

14. Allows You To Stay More Focused

We aren’t meant to just be focusing on tasks. We are also meant to focus on ourselves. Very few living creatures are capable of understanding themselves as individuals — most simply act without understanding that they exist. For whatever reason, our culture emphasizes constant action and little reflection. Spend some time focusing on yourself and your thoughts and less on actions. There’s no point of constantly going after achievements if you lose sight of who you are as a living being.

15. Makes You Accept That You’re Alone In This Life – And Makes You Okay With It

We are born alone and we die alone. What few come to realize is that the majority of our lives we actually spend alone. We spend a lot of our lives trying not to be alone, true, but in reality, we are alone the entire time. That’s okay. In fact, it’s wonderful. You are you and just you. You are unique. You are one of a kind. You don’t need anyone else to make you better because you are amazing just the way you are. You’re simply choosing to ignore that fact.

Spend more time with yourself and only yourself, and soon you will realize that as truth.


This Is How I Love You

Repost from HERE.

This Is How I Love You

Some days I’ll only show it through the way I ruffle your hair. I’ll steal your beanie and parade it around to say I’m yours. I’ll take your hand and spin you around and ask you to dance with me—even if you step on my toes or we end up just swaying side to side, I don’t care. I just want to be wrapped in you.

Some days I won’t talk to you all day. Maybe I’ll send you a picture of the sun, the snow, or the food I’m eating, just to keep you a part of my day—despite the distance, I want you to know even the most mundane parts of my days. Sometimes I won’t even do that much. I won’t want to show you how normally my days are going, when really all that’s on my mind is the thought of you and what you might be doing too. And you’ll think I’m moving on. You’ll think I’ve forgotten about you. But every day I fall asleep listening to songs that I can’t hear without you on my mind. I don’t think I could ever forget you.

Some days I’ll text you about seemingly mundane things. You’ll think I’m being distant; you’ll think I’m just making small conversation. But honestly, I just want to tell you even the smallest parts of my days. I just want you to know everything about my life, every opinion I have, even if it all seems as insignificant as how my friend quit smoking or how bruised my knees are from dancing.

Some days I’ll write you letters. Because I’ll be feeling too much with no way to express it. I’ll go through the week wondering when to send it, when you’ll receive it, and when you’ll finally respond back. Some days I’ll wonder if maybe I should stop, maybe you don’t even read them. But I’ll continue anyways, in hope that you do.

Some days I’ll just tell you. My fingers will hesitate over the keyboard. My thumbs will write out words, configured into sentences, trying to phrase my feelings in the best manner possible—maybe there will come a day when I won’t feel guilty for telling you such things. Maybe there will come a day when I won’t feel like I’m suffocating and drowning you in my love.

And you. You will probably go through each day thinking I don’t love you. You will probably feel like you’re annoying me every time you send me a message, every time you call. You don’t know that every day I keep my phone charged with me at 100%, waiting for that moment you’ll finally contact me. You probably think you’re suffocating me. You probably think you should let me go, let me be free. Or maybe I should let you go, let you be free. But I’m selfish. So unbelievably selfish I am willing to break myself, break you, break the people around us, in order to keep you with me.

This is how I love you—like a confused mess who has no idea what she’s doing. Maybe there will come a time when the days that pass between our calls or messages will stretch out to months, maybe even years. I don’t know what the future holds. But right now, as I am sitting here watching my friend commit to a tattoo for the rest of her life, I can’t think of a commitment I’d regret the least than to always have you in my life. Maybe one day you’ll meet someone else, and maybe I’ll meet someone else too. But I’ll still always love you. I’ll always want you to be in my life either way, and I hope you’ll feel the same way too. That is how I love you.


Sunday, March 02, 2014

Made Perfect

This song is sooo beautiful! =)

The girl you see in the mirror isn't who I see,
when I look at you I see reflections of Me,
You don't like your face so you paint over My masterpiece,
You hide your face so you hide My face and fail to believe.

I made you the way that you would be most beautiful,
And I planned you way before the universe was born,
When you try to change yourself it only makes Me cry,
I don't know why you try to make better what I made perfect.

You want more attention so you uncover your skin just to fit in,
You think boys are the answer, well I was a boy once, too, and I love you
more than they do.



Learning to Breathe - Switchfoot

Just Like a Splendid Love Song - Orange and Lemons

One Day - Matisyahu


Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hello, March!

I want to start the month right by observing 'Fasting' this Lenten Season.

A little fact on Catholic Lenten Season and Fasting: 

Lent is the season of penance and prayer before Easter. It starts every year on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday 2014 falls on March 5, 2014, and Holy Saturday 2014 falls on April 19, 2014.

What is Fasting?
Fasting means self-denial by going without food for a period of time. Fasting may be total or partial -- avoiding certain foods or eating smaller than normal quantities. The origin of fasting as a religious practice is unclear, but both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible mention a number of instances of fasting for various reasons.

Reasons for Fasting

Distress and Grief
Loss of appetite is a natural reaction in times of distress, grief and mourning, and fasting was considered appropriate at these times. David fasted as a sign of grief when Abner was murdered (2 Samuel 3:35). There was a seven-day fast at the death of Saul (1 Samuel 31:13).

Spiritual Preparation
Fasting is a self-sacrifice that makes one humble and more accepting of God's will. Moses fasted for forty days in preparation for receiving the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34:28). Daniel fasted for three weeks before receiving his vision (Daniel 10:2-6). Elijah fasted forty days before speaking with God (1 Kings 19:8). Jesus fasted for forty days in preparation for His temptation by the devil (Matthew 4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13).

In both the Old and New Testaments, fasting is seen as useful for humbling oneself as a sign of commitment or repentance and for increasing faith, especially when accompanied by prayer. Fasting allowed one to be devoted to spiritual matters without distraction from earthly things. However, fasting was not to be considered an end in itself, nor a substitute for obedience to God and doing good deeds (Isaiah 58:3-10).

Repentance and Atonement
When Jonah predicted the downfall of Nineveh, The Ninevites fasted as a sign of repentance in hopes God would spare their city (Jonah 3:3-9). The Day of Atonement was an annual obligatory day of rest and fasting for the Israelites (Numbers 29:7). When the Israelites had sinned, they often humbled themselves and fasted in hopes of regaining God's favor (Judges 20:26, 1 Samuel 7:6).

Jesus' Teachings on Fasting
Jesus said that fasting, like prayer, should be done in private and not for show (Matthew 6:16-18, cf., Matthew 6:5-7). John the Baptist's disciples routinely fasted according to Jewish custom, but Jesus and His disciples did not. However, Jesus said His disciples would mourn and fast after He had left them (Matthew 9:14-15; Mark 2:18-20; Luke 5:33-35). The early Christians practiced fasting at least occasionally (Acts 13:3, 14:23, 2 Corinthians 6:5,11:27).

Fasting Not Required
Despite the tradition of fasting in the Bible, and Jesus' references to it, the New Testament teachings do not require fasting, and neither Jesus nor His disciples made fasting obligatory. However, a tradition of partial fasting on Wednesdays, and especially on Fridays dates back to the early days of Christianity.

Church Traditions
Church teachings about fasting vary. Many Catholics observe partial fasting traditions during Lent (the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter). Orthodox Christians observe even more fasting days. Most Protestant churches do not have any firm rules or traditions about fasting.

Health Effects
The partial and token fasts observed by some churches are not known to cause health problems. However, more severe fasting regimens could result in an array of health problems and even death.1,2 Medical advice is recommended before beginning a fasting program.


As a Catholic, I have never done fasting in my entire life. Well I did once, when I joined VCF during their prayer and fasting. This year, I'll try to partially fast for 40 days, by not eating meat. 

I will do my very best to do it! This is nothing compared to the many many blessings God has given me. 
Lord God, please grant me the grace and strength to do this sacrifice for you. They say, if you love someone, you will sacrifice for them. This sacrifice is my little way of saying thank You, and I love You, and I truly appreciate all the blessing you have bestowed upon me. Again, there is nothing more that my heart desires. All I ask is more of You. This I pray, in Jesus name. Amen.