Monday, April 28, 2014

The One

I'm really amazed when husbands say that the first time they saw their wives, they knew from that moment that she was THE ONE.

How could that happen? Is it gut instinct? Or is it God telling them that she is the one?

It would be amazing if I'm like that to my future husband. Like the first time he saw me, he just knew that I had to be THE ONE. The one he's been waiting for his whole life. Like God whispered to him, "THAT'S HER!" 

I am constantly praying for you, my future love. I hope you're as excited to know me better as I am to you. :) See you AGAIN very soon. :D *Praying* *Hoping* *Believing*


Friday, April 25, 2014

5 Things I Would Like To Tell My Future Love

Read this by heart, my future love. :) Repost from HERE.

5 Things I Would Like To Tell My Future Love

1. Go on as many adventures as possible.

I hope you’re going everywhere and doing everything. Hang out with your friends. Travel a lot. See as much of the world as possible. Try as many exotic foods as you can. Climb mountains. Join Fun Runs. Go diving and skydiving. Explore this beautiful world. I hope you’re starting to check off items on your bucket list because one day, when we’re finally together, I would like to hear all about it. One day you will share all those stories with me, and maybe we’ll try to do them together too.

2. Find yourself.

I hope you’re taking time to get to know yourself. Take time analyzing what you really want to do in life. Love yourself and be strong for yourself. Some people enjoy being needed but what I like is to be wanted. You are your own person and I hope you know that you don’t need anyone to complete you. One day we will be there for each other not because we can’t live without each other but because life is much more colorful when we’re together.

3. Live your life.

I hope you’re taking risks. I hope you’re not hiding under the covers to make as few mistakes as possible. Go out and make good and bad decisions. Do not be afraid of pain or failures. They are there to make you appreciate the good things. I hope you’re as in love with life as I am. Enjoy the sweetness and bitterness of this roller coaster ride. Life is short and I don’t want you missing out on anything.

4. Take good care of yourself.

I hope you’re keeping yourself healthy and fit. Eat vegetables. Eat fruits. Hydrate. Get as much sleep as you can — more than you think you need. Exercise. Do all these for yourself and for me, and for our future kids. One day when we’re already both wrinkly, we will enjoy the senior citizen benefits together. We will play bingo and have weekly brunch with all of our children and their children. Take good care of yourself because I would like to grow old with you.

5. Pray for us.

I hope you’re praying with me every night before sleeping. I hope you’re praying for me as much as I am praying for you. Pray that we may meet. In the right place. In the right time. Because I’m hoping and praying for the same thing, too. 


Fishers of Men

The other night, while I was answering some random questions from, I was asked this particular question: "How can you make this world a better place?" I didn't know what to answer. I thought really hard. How can I make this world a better place?

Then last night, my question has been answered. I was watching 'Son of God', and in one scene when Jesus went to Peter in his fishing boat, He asked him to leave his fishing and follow Him, and He will make him fisher of men to change the world.

Voila! I can feel that it is God speaking to me. I think He wants me to become fisher of men. I think He wants me to spread His word to change the world. I believe that this is one purpose of my life.

Hope I'll be able to do this. With God's grace I know I can. Lord, please give me the wisdom and send me the people to help me fulfill your purpose for my life. 


Date A Man Who Loves You More

Repost from HERE.

Date A Man Who Loves You More

Date a man who loves you more. Meet him young, at a time when you’re not old enough to realize how precious he is. Fall in love carelessly. Start to think he must be the one, begin building a life with him. Become entangled with his family and him with yours, believe he will be the father of your children in later years. Date a man who loves you more because he will love everything you hate about yourself. The man who loves you more will rub your feet when you’re tired and take your cousins out for ice cream because he is simply that kind of man. He will abandon his plans to come rub your back when you’re sick without you ever having to ask. The man who loves you more will allow you to grow as a person without taking space. He will be patient, kind; he will know when to apologize and when to be quiet. He will never yell. He will laugh at your jokes and find you beautiful, even at your worst. The man who loves you more will love you entirely, unconditionally; he will follow you anywhere and do anything for you.

As you grow with the man who loves you more, ignore the creeping sense of boredom. Ignore it because it is selfish, it is unbecoming, and you know you should be satisfied with this perfect man. Ignore it because you watch the women around you, your friends, your sisters, your co-workers, and you know they all long for the man you have. Ignore the melancholia and the longing you feel every time you watch a couple fight with passion, with anger, with fire. Count on your fingers the number of fights you’ve had over the years, and consider yourself lucky without really believing it. Ignore the nostalgia you feel for moments that have never existed. Ignore it because you know passion is fleeting, passion is mercurial; passion is not something you build a life on. Passion will not raise your kids, it will not pay your mortgage. When passion fades, you tell yourself, you are left with nothing but regret. Ignore the slow leak of emptiness filling your gut when you kiss him, because it does not belong in your life. It does not belong with this perfect man who loves you more. He is dependable and with him, you know you will lead a lifetime of contentment. You will travel with him, you will push him towards his goals. You will have wonderful memories and photo albums. You will celebrate milestones with pride, you will grow old holding his hand and raise balanced children with him. When your children fall in love, you will smile and hope they find someone who loves them more, because it will guarantee them the satisfied life you have led.

Do not date the other man because the other man will never give you the stability you know you need. Stay away from the other man because with him, you are unreliable. The other man will never be there for you with the same dependability you have come to expect. He will challenge you and push you to question everything you think you know about yourself. The other man will love you, he will love you in ways that make you abandon every certainty you have ever had, but he will not help you keep your balance. Just when you think you have figured that man out, he will disorient you, you will be winded, you will not be able to breathe. Date the man who loves you more because the other man will never need you. He will miss you when you’re gone, he will secretly be broken, but he will go on without you because he does not depend on anyone. This man is treacherous, you cannot trust yourself with him.

When things are good with this man, you will be euphoric. You will be the best version of yourself. You will look in the mirror and find you are beautiful. You will be the luckiest woman in the world, and you will believe it. You will tell him you love him and the words will explode out of your heart because it will be the first time you have ever encountered such irrevocable truth. He will say it back and mean it, and you will feel like you can never be close enough to him. You will lose yourself in him, and he will lose himself in you. Stay away from this man because your happiness will be fleeting. When things are bad with him, he will fight back. He will not be patient, he will not soothe you. The other man will be infuriating. He will be selfish, careless with his words and at times even cruel. He will try to inflict as much pain on you as he himself is feeling. He will not apologize and he will push you to your limits. With this man, you can expect the dizzying agony of passion, the blurred oblivion of apathy, the delicious comfort of despair, the addictive misery of loneliness. You will tell yourself that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, but in that moment of utter hopelessness, you will not believe it with absolute conviction.

Date a man who loves you more because while he can never be quite enough, the other man will always be too much. The other man will leave you thirsty for more, parched for him, panicked like a drunk who has finished his last bottle. Date that man who loves you more, fall for him in a slow and steady way, build a foundation with him and consider, truly consider, how lucky you are to have found him. Do all this, because with the other man, you will never know anything but a frenzied hunger and all-encompassing madness. With that man you will burn bright and fast, and you will be invincible until you are not. Find the man who loves you more and keep him because the worth of happiness cannot be measured in days and months and years, and those fleeting few memories of pure, unadulterated bliss will never measure up to the lifetime of contentment you will have with the man who loves you more. Tell yourself this over and over, let it become your mantra, and condition yourself to believe it. Forget the other man, or at least try to, ignore the smells, the sounds and the things that remind you of him, ignore the way he made you feel, because you are better off apart. Together you make the world explode, but you cannot survive in it after. Date the man who loves you more, choose him and never let him go, because you are wise enough to know that stories of true love never have a happy ending, and with this man at least you will die knowing someone loved you more. 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Life Goal


I see marriages fail here and there. I am currently seeing one now, and it breaks my heart into a million pieces. :'( I hate broken families and weak minds. Anything can be fixed if you truly want it to be.

I want to cry, but I need to be strong.

Oh, God please help them. Please help this person to man up and be a good and responsible husband to his wife. Please help him to remember the reason why he married this woman in the first place -LOVE.

Strength Lord. :(


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Soulmate You Deserve

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The Soulmate You Deserve

He will tell all of his friends that you are breathtaking. And when they smile politely he’ll repeat it, slowly, No, I mean really, truly breeaaatthhhtakkkiinnngg, will insist that they think about what it would feel like to have the very wind sucked out of them and placed inside of a music box. They won’t understand, but it will be the best way he will know how to describe why when you looked at him for the first time, all he could hear was music and the sound of his own breathing.

You will meet him at a pie-eating contest or at a bad house party or because you happen to be the only two people who like going to the park when it rains. He will be friendly and ask you for your name. You will give it to him. You will talk for hours and when he finally asks for your telephone number, you’ll hesitate. Take the chance, give him your number, ask him out to coffee. He will say yes to anything you ask of him because he loves like you love: sometimes too eagerly, sometimes too early, but always deeply.

He won’t be the most handsome or the most successful person you’ve ever met. His left front tooth will be a little crooked and his favorite movie will be something embarrassing like Must Love Dogs or The Lakehouse, but he’ll fill your days with small surprises, like stuffing all of the pockets of all of your pants and coats with your favorite candy on your birthday. He’ll write things like Have a beautiful smile and Be loved on all of your to-do lists, checking them off in thick red ink. When he walks into your living room to find you dancing, half-naked, to I want it that way he will not laugh or mock you, but will grab your hand and sing every word at the top of his lungs. And when you accidently knock over a drink at an important dinner, he’ll knock over his entire plate to save you from embarrassment.

You will shimmy your way through many decades together. You will choose the paint for the walls of your home based on the silliness of their names: tantalizing tangerine, indigo dream. You will name your children after your favorite characters from your favorite books and he will teach them important things like the difference between frogs and toads and how to whistle with their index and pinky fingers. It won’t always be an easy life, but it will be a life of dancing on tabletops and too-strong margaritas, of embarrassing-the-kid kisses and quiet afternoons with no words, no sounds other than the crinkle of pages he will turn in the book you’re both reading while nesting on the couch.

For him, you will be the light at the end of the tunnel, the halo of glowing yellow that he has been waiting for. Never forget that you are someone worth steering for, someone worth the swift kick in the opposite direction worth all of the trials and checklists and almostrights because you are a mountaintop, the crush of violet on skin from a rainbow that seems so close to the earth that it must be real. When he comes to you, gorge on his compassion. Fill yourself completely. He will think you a miracle, a revelation and will count himself as the lucky one. Do not question him or yourself — this is exactly the kind of love you deserve. 


Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Hello from Singapore! I'll be spending my summer vacation here, and also to take good care of my almost 3 month old niece. Weee! Can't wait to explore the city! Hope I'll be able to go to the neighbor countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

Here's to a fun fun fun summer! 

Hi from me and mamon! :)


Friday, April 04, 2014


"It seems very strange that you can be on my mind so constantly and have no idea of it. It seems strange to be able to keep a secret as big as my feelings for you. It seems strange that I am able to hold it all in while you stay oblivious. It makes me wonder what other people are keeping secret. Everyone has a world inside of them that is unknown to everyone else. I wonder if it is possible to show this world to anyone else. Maybe it's only possible to show different parts to different people. Like writing your life story in a notebook and leaving a different page everywhere you go. It would be nice to give the whole notebook to just one person but I'm afraid that's just not possible. All you ever see of people is a page or two, never the whole thing. I think some pages people keep tucked away in their notebooks forever. You are that page for me. I will never let you go. I'll always keep you tucked away."

Future Husband

I've always believed in fairy tales and happy endings. I'm blessed to have seen it through the people around me like my grandparents, uncles/aunts, and of course, my own parents. It's so nice to think that someone is willing to commit his entire life to you and love you for the rest of his life. I know in my heart that someone special out there was especially hand picked by God to be my future husband. What a lucky guy! :D

My only criteria: Someone who loves Jesus more than he loves me. :)

Have I really not met you yet?


Thursday, April 03, 2014

On finding THE ONE.

Every single lady out there should read this! I am taking note of every word in this article. Haha! =)

Repost from HERE.

Ten Great Qualities to Consider Before Dating a Dude

To start on a high note, this one is about my personal, ten meaty unbreakable qualities of a husband quality guy. Yes naman, feel na feel ko at kaya naman pala single pa ako, mwahahaha! Kidding aside, I also went through some long and tough pruning process for me to realize my own worth and value. But hey, when I came to understand how God calls me His Princess, that I am complete and lacking nothing—waiting only makes it sweeter.

1. Joyfully Single (2 Cor 6:14).

It’s pathetic to see someone suffering from singleness sickness, tipong “Sige na basta may five out of ten, keri na ‘yan liligawan ko na at gusto ko na mag asawa!” Kung ganto ang peg nya na ‘di masaya sa kanyang single status at parang palaka na ‘di mapakali, it only goes to show that he’s a compromiser, and a compromiser doesn’t make great decisions. If this guy is confident that he’s loved and accepted by no less than the Creator of the Universe, he’s sure and secure about his identity with Jesus in every season of his life.

2. Sticks to His Standards (Phil 4:8). 

I heard this comment not too long time ago: “Kasi naman ang mga sisters ang taas ng standard, Pastor yata ang gusto. I feel like I should look for that girl outside the church!”. Okay honey, this thought not only entitles you with a big X Mark stamp but also a Ditch the Dude Award, hihihi. For one, a confident man simply knows that he stands in a sure foundation with Jesus who sees him as a consummate example of excellence, therefore settling for the second best is not even an option for him, isn’t? I truly believe that a guy who will never compromise with his standards is not only sexy, but surely lives up the word “man up”.

3. Communicator (Prov 29:20).

“Good mourning! Hi mom, busy poh”? BAM! You surely caught my attention but lost the precious opportunity of receiving a reply back from me, like ever, hehehe! Now, some guys surely know how to be sweet and I admire that, but please, don’t start with with this kind of conversation and get away from being a jejemon—pronto! I’m not saying that this is bad, but I appreciate someone who has a date and communication plan which include examining the tone and manner of his chats and text messages.

4. A Fighter (Rom 13:14) . 

This generation surely calls for more men who will fight for purity and go against the culture. This man should stand out, not blend in! In addition to this, a true man knows how to fight for a woman’s heart. How is he like when we’re together? Is he with me or with his phone? A guy who also plays with Instagram or Tweets non-stop during a date is too second grade. And is he openly flirting with other girls? Sorry, because if he does he will surely have an affair once we’re married. Marriage is a great magnifier of who we are and not who we can become, so I think it’s wise to choose a guy who’s committed to be pure today so he can be rewarded with intimacy tomorrow.

5. Stable (Psa 62:2).

The last thing I want to happen is to be married with someone who’s moody and volatile. Being dependable, in control of his emotions and not easily shaken are fitting assets of a potential husband. Times of testing and breaking will surely come, so his attitude towards adversity speaks volume about his faith. And speaking of stable, a real man will not dilly dally about saving up. This man should realize that he is a provider in every sense of the word and should work both with his hands and mind. Women want security—period. And two words, financial preparation can accomplish that—thank you!

6. A Student of the Word (Josh 1:8). 

A real man only got the bible as the final authority in his life. Being devoted with his ministry, a reputable small group leader and an active church member can surely score points, but at the end of the day, he should have fruits to back it up. I dig for character as it’s the true metrics of who he is inside and what he is made of.

7. Invests in Himself (1 Cor 6:19-20). 

Hands down to someone knows how to invest in himself both physically and intellectually. Don’t get me wrong, all of us should go for character but I’ve always believed that someone who keeps himself intellectually stimulating and nice looking gets the edge. Amen?!! Amen!!!I believe that attractiveness is what one can do with what he already have, so it’s not cool to go around looking like a forty when he’s just actually a thirty! Ten macho gwapito points for a guy who aims to develop a healthy lifestyle change, who takes time for a proper skin care regimen and well-dressed one and the same. And why not? Our body was bought with a price and it’s just right to go the extra mile when it comes to looking and feeling good.

8. A Man of Prayer and Purpose (1 Chron 16:11). 

Being prayerful is no accident, it’s something we need to do on a purpose. Let me put a simple application here: Does this guy know how to lead a prayer? Because if not, I assume that he’s not radical about his relationship with Jesus. That said, if he can’t talk to me about Jesus, he won’t be able to talk about Jesus with our future children.

9. A Leader and Disciple in One (Acts 6:1-4).

One of my red flag signals when a guy is poor in the area of leadership is when he slacks off in his life as a disciple. How’s his relationship with other people? Is he committed to obey the word? How’s his quiet time? Leadership and discipleship are simply inseparable! As someone who will call the shots, it’s vital to deeply know whose leadership I will follow. This guy should be very passionate about authority and responsibility by following the leadership of the One and Only Person that matters: Jesus.

10. Who Identifies Himself with Jesus (1 Cor 11:3). 

If a guy finally gets to muster enough courage to ask me out, here’s one great, bold question to ask on a first date: “Do you love Jesus? And how did you meet Him?!” Well, this is surely straightforward but he has to know that Jesus is the Middle Man in my life and The One who will be in the middle of my marriage. Simply put, it makes no sense to waste time with someone who doesn’t have the same goal.

At sa haba ng mga sinabi ko, here’s one thing that every man should know: A godly woman is worth that pursuit! Sure, a high standard life is ain’t easy that’s why there’s a daily dose of His grace in order to make it possible (thank God for that!). And at the end of the day, our faithful, loving, pro-marriage God NEVER fails to reward obedience.


Wednesday, April 02, 2014


It feels like a thousand exclamation points in my heart, and one big question mark constantly constantly constantly on my mind.