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On finding THE ONE.

Every single lady out there should read this! I am taking note of every word in this article. Haha! =)

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Ten Great Qualities to Consider Before Dating a Dude

To start on a high note, this one is about my personal, ten meaty unbreakable qualities of a husband quality guy. Yes naman, feel na feel ko at kaya naman pala single pa ako, mwahahaha! Kidding aside, I also went through some long and tough pruning process for me to realize my own worth and value. But hey, when I came to understand how God calls me His Princess, that I am complete and lacking nothing—waiting only makes it sweeter.

1. Joyfully Single (2 Cor 6:14).

It’s pathetic to see someone suffering from singleness sickness, tipong “Sige na basta may five out of ten, keri na ‘yan liligawan ko na at gusto ko na mag asawa!” Kung ganto ang peg nya na ‘di masaya sa kanyang single status at parang palaka na ‘di mapakali, it only goes to show that he’s a compromiser, and a compromiser doesn’t make great decisions. If this guy is confident that he’s loved and accepted by no less than the Creator of the Universe, he’s sure and secure about his identity with Jesus in every season of his life.

2. Sticks to His Standards (Phil 4:8). 

I heard this comment not too long time ago: “Kasi naman ang mga sisters ang taas ng standard, Pastor yata ang gusto. I feel like I should look for that girl outside the church!”. Okay honey, this thought not only entitles you with a big X Mark stamp but also a Ditch the Dude Award, hihihi. For one, a confident man simply knows that he stands in a sure foundation with Jesus who sees him as a consummate example of excellence, therefore settling for the second best is not even an option for him, isn’t? I truly believe that a guy who will never compromise with his standards is not only sexy, but surely lives up the word “man up”.

3. Communicator (Prov 29:20).

“Good mourning! Hi mom, busy poh”? BAM! You surely caught my attention but lost the precious opportunity of receiving a reply back from me, like ever, hehehe! Now, some guys surely know how to be sweet and I admire that, but please, don’t start with with this kind of conversation and get away from being a jejemon—pronto! I’m not saying that this is bad, but I appreciate someone who has a date and communication plan which include examining the tone and manner of his chats and text messages.

4. A Fighter (Rom 13:14) . 

This generation surely calls for more men who will fight for purity and go against the culture. This man should stand out, not blend in! In addition to this, a true man knows how to fight for a woman’s heart. How is he like when we’re together? Is he with me or with his phone? A guy who also plays with Instagram or Tweets non-stop during a date is too second grade. And is he openly flirting with other girls? Sorry, because if he does he will surely have an affair once we’re married. Marriage is a great magnifier of who we are and not who we can become, so I think it’s wise to choose a guy who’s committed to be pure today so he can be rewarded with intimacy tomorrow.

5. Stable (Psa 62:2).

The last thing I want to happen is to be married with someone who’s moody and volatile. Being dependable, in control of his emotions and not easily shaken are fitting assets of a potential husband. Times of testing and breaking will surely come, so his attitude towards adversity speaks volume about his faith. And speaking of stable, a real man will not dilly dally about saving up. This man should realize that he is a provider in every sense of the word and should work both with his hands and mind. Women want security—period. And two words, financial preparation can accomplish that—thank you!

6. A Student of the Word (Josh 1:8). 

A real man only got the bible as the final authority in his life. Being devoted with his ministry, a reputable small group leader and an active church member can surely score points, but at the end of the day, he should have fruits to back it up. I dig for character as it’s the true metrics of who he is inside and what he is made of.

7. Invests in Himself (1 Cor 6:19-20). 

Hands down to someone knows how to invest in himself both physically and intellectually. Don’t get me wrong, all of us should go for character but I’ve always believed that someone who keeps himself intellectually stimulating and nice looking gets the edge. Amen?!! Amen!!!I believe that attractiveness is what one can do with what he already have, so it’s not cool to go around looking like a forty when he’s just actually a thirty! Ten macho gwapito points for a guy who aims to develop a healthy lifestyle change, who takes time for a proper skin care regimen and well-dressed one and the same. And why not? Our body was bought with a price and it’s just right to go the extra mile when it comes to looking and feeling good.

8. A Man of Prayer and Purpose (1 Chron 16:11). 

Being prayerful is no accident, it’s something we need to do on a purpose. Let me put a simple application here: Does this guy know how to lead a prayer? Because if not, I assume that he’s not radical about his relationship with Jesus. That said, if he can’t talk to me about Jesus, he won’t be able to talk about Jesus with our future children.

9. A Leader and Disciple in One (Acts 6:1-4).

One of my red flag signals when a guy is poor in the area of leadership is when he slacks off in his life as a disciple. How’s his relationship with other people? Is he committed to obey the word? How’s his quiet time? Leadership and discipleship are simply inseparable! As someone who will call the shots, it’s vital to deeply know whose leadership I will follow. This guy should be very passionate about authority and responsibility by following the leadership of the One and Only Person that matters: Jesus.

10. Who Identifies Himself with Jesus (1 Cor 11:3). 

If a guy finally gets to muster enough courage to ask me out, here’s one great, bold question to ask on a first date: “Do you love Jesus? And how did you meet Him?!” Well, this is surely straightforward but he has to know that Jesus is the Middle Man in my life and The One who will be in the middle of my marriage. Simply put, it makes no sense to waste time with someone who doesn’t have the same goal.

At sa haba ng mga sinabi ko, here’s one thing that every man should know: A godly woman is worth that pursuit! Sure, a high standard life is ain’t easy that’s why there’s a daily dose of His grace in order to make it possible (thank God for that!). And at the end of the day, our faithful, loving, pro-marriage God NEVER fails to reward obedience.


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