Friday, April 04, 2014


"It seems very strange that you can be on my mind so constantly and have no idea of it. It seems strange to be able to keep a secret as big as my feelings for you. It seems strange that I am able to hold it all in while you stay oblivious. It makes me wonder what other people are keeping secret. Everyone has a world inside of them that is unknown to everyone else. I wonder if it is possible to show this world to anyone else. Maybe it's only possible to show different parts to different people. Like writing your life story in a notebook and leaving a different page everywhere you go. It would be nice to give the whole notebook to just one person but I'm afraid that's just not possible. All you ever see of people is a page or two, never the whole thing. I think some pages people keep tucked away in their notebooks forever. You are that page for me. I will never let you go. I'll always keep you tucked away."

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