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Delayed Gratification

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Things Most People Don't Know About MD's

After graduation from high school, it takes an average of 13 years of further education (two to four years of college, five years of medicine proper, anywhere from three to six years of residency, at least one year of fellowship) before we can call ourselves full-fledged, practicing medical specialists. In between each part of our training, we are required to pass board exams that are especially designed to weed out the weak and test the limits of the strongest.

Starting in our fourth year of medicine proper, through the rest of our years in training, we are required to be in the hospital all day every day, and to go on night duty twice a week. Going on duty means going to work at seven or eight in the morning, and staying there until seven or eight the next evening. After a few days, the process is repeated.

In the hospital, our tasks include, but are not limited to: interviewing and examining patients, writing on charts, reading up on our cases, racking our brain for the correct diagnoses and best possible treatments, monitoring each of our patients anywhere from every 15 minutes to every four hours (taking the blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, and anything else deemed necessary), extracting blood, inserting IV cannulas, doing scut work, reassuring and/or comforting relatives, accomplishing paperwork, and answering to our seniors. As we go higher up in rank, these tasks progress to more specialized ones which, depending on our field of training, may include performing surgery, interpreting CT scans and MRIs, using various instruments to look through almost any kind of hole you can imagine in the body, etc.

We spend much more time in the hospital than out of it, and when we’re out of it, we’re usually knocked out sleeping. Most of us find our life partners, closest friends, and, for some, even their ultimate nemeses, in these same halls.

We start getting salaried only during residency (on our 10th year of training, if you count from the beginning of college), and even then, we don’t get much. For most of us, the salary is just enough to pay for a small room, fare or gas, our daily meals, our cellphone bills, our limitless textbooks, and a few small splurges (like a dinner out or a new pair of shoes).

During our training, we are exempted from any form of overtime pay. Our monthly salary is fixed, and any number of hours we put in above what’s dictated by law is charged to learning.

Professional fees don’t come into the picture until we’ve completely finished our training and have moved on to private practice, which, as mentioned, happens after around 13 years, and for many doctors, the professional fee for consultation is just about the same price as a haircut from an average salon. For a good number of patients, the fee is waived altogether—for being a hospital employee, a friend, an old classmate, kamaganak ni ganito (somebody’s relative), pakiusap ni ganon (someone’s special request), etc. One is pushed to wonder why many people seem to think doctors pick money from trees!

We are committed to a lifetime of studying. In medicine, one can never know enough. There are just too many diseases, too many drugs, and too many issues for one person to remember all at the same time. To add to that, numerous new illnesses, modalities and treatment options are discovered every day. Most of what we learned at the beginning of our training probably wouldn’t apply 10 years henceforth. There’s just no escaping our books or, in this age, our iPads.

We have a difficult time avoiding the use of medical jargon in everyday conversations. In line with this, we also have our own medical jokes and humor, most of which truthfully sound very funny to us, but probably seem strange to other people.

We get excited at the thought of new medical gadgets and equipment. Trust me: A brand-new, top-of-the-line, branded stethoscope brings as much joy and giddiness to a medical student as the latest-release smartphone, and trying out a new, high-tech ultrasound machine is about equivalent to taking a car out for a test drive.

Delayed gratification is the name of our game. Chances are, most of us will easily ace the marshmallow test. With everything that we have to go through, we inevitably put our normal lives on hold to attach a comma and those two coveted letters to the end of our names (i.e., name, MD).

We’re not here to rake in money. I’m quite sure I speak for a great majority of doctors when I say that we didn’t come into this profession in the hope of getting rich. It isn’t logical for one to go through all those years of training without commensurate compensation—literally shedding blood, sweat and tears—if the goal is just to earn.

Of course, just like everyone else, we’d like to have enough money to live comfortably and support our family, but we knew right from the start that getting that “MD” wasn’t exactly going to do much for our bank accounts. Anyone who initially thought otherwise most probably got disappointed and quit or got weeded out along the way.

Sometimes, we get pushed to the limit. We carry an enormous responsibility on our shoulders, and there are moments when it feels too heavy. We get stressed, we make mistakes, we succumb to our human emotions and needs. It takes an equally enormous amount of combined determination and passion to keep us going.

It all boils down to our purpose. Most of us really just want to make a difference. At the end of each long day, there’s just one question we need to answer, and that’s whether we helped save a life, or not. And as long as we keep saying yes to that, we know we’re on the right track.

Ma. Regina Morabe, MD, 26, is a second-year resident of radiology at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Future Wedding

I always find myself randomly thinking about my future and how my life will be once I'm married with a family of my own.

For the past couple of weeks, I have no idea why I've been hooked on weddings. I already planned my future wedding! Everything's prepared, thanks to Pinterest! Haha! I already have my wedding gown, wedding song, wedding flower, wedding motif, I already know the set-up I want in our reception, even the nuptial photos -I already know what pose I want! Hahaha! And to tell you honestly, I already started on my wedding vow! Wahaha! (Partida, wala pang groom yan ah. Hahaha!) :D

I don't know why God has placed this desire in my heart to be married someday. But I'm really really really excited and it makes me look forward for the future! I wonder who God has prepared to be my future husband. I hope he is now preparing financially for our wedding. Haha! But most of all, I am praying that God is preparing him not just for our wedding, but for our marriage. Low-key excited! ;)

Note to self: Marriage is more than finding the right person. It's BEING THE RIGHT PERSON.


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The Kind Of Love That’s Still Worth Believing In

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The Kind Of Love That’s Still Worth Believing In

I believe in waking up to a good morning text. Not because you feel like you need to do it, or because you saw someone do it in a movie one time, but because the first thing you want to do when you wake up without me is to feel like I’m next to you. I’ll write you just before I go to bed — I always get to sleep later — and when I wake up, your response will be there:

“Good morning, beautiful.”

I want to hold your hand across the table at dinner, without even realizing I’m doing it. I believe in public displays of affection that never feel public, because we don’t even notice anyone’s around us. Sometimes we’ll be that couple on the train who is kissing in the corner, and neither of us will care, because this world could use a little more love. Some people will look at us and think “Get a room,” and we’ll wish we could say back, “The world is our room.”

I believe in talks, the healthy kind that take on a life of their own and sometimes pass through flushes of disagreement or debate, but always end up back where we should be: the truth. I’ll tell you about my day, and not the superficial details that we tell someone who asked “How was your day?” without really caring. I’ll tell you about the great things I thought, and the sad person I saw in the restaurant, and the way I felt walking across the bridge. Then I’ll listen to you talk about your day, and wish I could have been there with you.

Because it’s about sharing, isn’t it? Getting the privilege of sharing someone’s life, of being a part of all the things they dream about and achieve, and getting to hold them through their failures. Life will fail us, but it will fail us together, and we’ll share both the pain and the joy. I believe that it is a great honor to share someone’s details, and I will do my best to be your teammate.

Sometimes we’ll be friends, though, because I believe that friendships make the best romances. We’ll order a large pizza and watch dumb TV shows in our pajamas and get into play fights that turn into something different, something much better. We’ll fall asleep all over the house because sometimes we’re having too much fun to ever really go to bed. Together, we’ll get to be the rowdy kids who want to stay up past their bedtimes and eat junk food while telling scary stories. We’ll never feel like we have to grow up.

I believe in you, even if I haven’t met you, even if I never will. I believe that you’re out there — the person who will send me a text in the morning, share the last slice, and be my teammate. Somewhere, you’re out there taking your time and waiting for something meaningful to come into your life. And maybe we will never find that perfect thing, and maybe we’ll never meet, but that’s okay. Because I want to spend my whole life believing in something truly great — something truly spectacular and rare — even if I’m alone in my faith.


8 Simple Acts Of Love That Every Man Should Be Doing

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8 Simple Acts Of Love That Every Man Should Be Doing

1. Taking time to notice when we get ready.

If she has put in effort to looking really nice for a night out, and you’re excited to just jump off the couch and go out when she comes out of her room, don’t rush out the door. Take a moment, really look at her, and tell her how wonderful she looks. Notice something in particular, and thank her for looking so nice for you. It can be the difference between “why did I even do my hair” and “I love to see that look on his face.”

2. Saying “I’ve got it taken care of” when it comes to going out.

It’s such a simple phrase, and yet it means so much. Often women are left making the decisions for all things social — where we’re going, the planning of events, what we’ll eat — and it’s so nice to have a man who makes that decision every now and again. Saying “Don’t worry about this weekend, I’ve got it taken care of,” is sexier than you can imagine.

3. Sending good morning texts.

Just a little “Good morning, beautiful” goes a long, long way. Tell us you hope we have a wonderful day, and we’ll have one, regardless of what happens.

4. Making food now and then, even if you can’t cook.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just bringing her a cup of coffee exactly the way she takes it, the point is that you took time to do something with your hands — something that costs nothing, but means a lot — to show her that you care and are thinking of her. Cooking might not be your thing, but making someone feel special doesn’t need to be some complicated meal. If you get to the level of “making scrambled eggs and toast on Sunday mornings,” even if they’re not the best eggs in the world, you will have leveled up as a boyfriend.

5. Holding hands in front of your friends.

Maybe you don’t even realize, but often guys — even really good ones — can be different in front of their guys. Society doesn’t want them to seem “weak” or “emotional,” so they tend to be a little more stiff and cold. But showing affection while out with your friends, even just squeezing our hand to let us know you’re with us, speaks volumes.

6. Making little nicknames for things.

Nicknames are one of the best parts of a relationship. Whether it’s pet names that the two of you have for each other that are totally silly, or secret code words for things that only the two of you know, it’s like a secret language. It brings you closer.

7. Bringing flowers for no reason. (TULIPS!)

Flowers aren’t for holidays. Flowers are for random, rainy Tuesdays when we thought nothing special was going to happen, until we get home or to the office and see the bouquet you got for us. Flowers are for transforming otherwise-boring days into a perfect reminder of why we love you so much.

8. Complimenting little things that have nothing to do with our looks.

We know you think we’re beautiful, but somehow, there’s nothing better than hearing you say “I love your dumb dad jokes” while you’re laughing at some pun we made. Telling us what you love about us (and not just about the way we look) reminds us why we’re with you. Because unlike other guys who might just notice on the street, you actually see us, the way we really want to be seen.


10 Things I’d Like To Teach My Future Children

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10 Things I’d Like To Teach My Future Children

As a parent, you want your child’s life to be unicorns and gumdrops. You want to do everything perfectly, so they never end up in therapy discussing how they were denied Oreos and such a heinous lack of corn syrup can stunt a growing young mind. But we all mess up. Because we are human and that is what humans do. No matter how careful, how conscious, how loving we are, something will happen that our child will need help with later on – and it will probably be our fault.

But you can pass on what took you so long to learn, and give them the freedom to completely ignore it. Because that’s really all you can give your children – the ability to make their own decisions and their own mistakes. You give them the tools you have and the freedom to play and screw up and learn and fall down and get back up again.

1. You are allowed to get mad at anything you want. The injustice of the world, the color of the sky, the way that passive aggressive windbag left a note on your windshield about his “designated parking spot.” Be angry, whenever you want, at whatever you want.

2. But you aren’t allowed to take that anger out on anyone else. That anger is yours, no matter who or what you feel caused it. Yes, there is justified anger, but all anger is justified. The simple fact that you feel it is justification enough. Because all emotions are valuable, all emotions have something to teach you, and I will never tell you that you aren’t allowed to feel a certain way. But your responsibility to the rest of the world is to respect the power of your own anger and learn the tools to deal with it so that you don’t spray that anger all over an unsuspecting populace. Few things in this world cause damage the way unresolved feelings can. I will do my best to help you develop those tools, but in the end you are responsible for learning your own emotional landscape. It will be some of the best work you ever do.

3. Don’t worry about what you want to be when you grow up. Just make things. Create. Play. Do whatever brings you joy. Follow anything that intrigues you. Take three banjo lessons and then give up. Teach yourself all the Italian verbs and then decide you prefer to make ravioli. Doing what intrigues you, what feels like a good idea, what brings you joy – that will guide you toward what you should be doing in the world.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables. A lot of them. I will do my best to make them tasty – you’d be amazed by how many green things you can hide in a fruit smoothie. Eat anything you want, just eat a lot of plants too. It will give you the energy and the nutrition you need to go forth into the world and wreak your own brand of havoc.

5. Be nice to yourself. Love isn’t always a fluffy feeling of joy and deep satisfaction. Sometimes loving yourself is as simple as doing the things you know make you feel better, even if they don’t seem like they’re working. Running six miles, eating a salad, sitting still for ten minutes, turning off the phone, asking for help. Take care of yourself – even if you don’t think you deserve it, especially if you don’t think you deserve it. That’s when you deserve it the most. When you can be kind to yourself, consistently and without judgment, you will have so much kindness to give to the world.

6. Go on adventures. Whether they’re down the block or across the globe. Explore your space, the space in our neighborhood and the space of this spinning blue orb we inhabit. Explore to learn about the world, to find the boundaries of your comfort zone and push past them, to meet different people, to learn that in the end we all want and value the same things.

7. Avoid horror movies. Or anything that makes you shut down. Some people love horror movies, and maybe you’re one of them. So maybe what I’m trying to say is, love what you truly love, but don’t be afraid to switch off anything that doesn’t serve you. Because if you’re anything like me, that horror movie about killer dolls you watch at a Halloween party in seventh grade will continue to haunt you decades later. There’s no shame in hiding, I don’t care what your friends say. I have far fewer regrets about cowering behind a couch than I do about staying stubbornly seated on one to watch demonic porcelain dolls go about their evening.

8. Learn to open your heart. I still haven’t completely cracked this particular nut, so you’ll probably end up helping me more than I help you. But here’s what I do know: Opening your heart will open up the entire world. Otherwise, life will open it for you and it may use a little more force than you prefer.

9. Your heart shattering might be the best thing that ever happened to you. I know it hurts, I know you won’t give one damn at all that I say “a shattered heart is an open heart” because it hurts and all you want is your heart to go back to the way it was and your life to go back to the way it was and preferably for both of those things to happen right now. But the things that hurt us the most are always what we look back on years later as the best thing that could’ve happened to us. As you move through that pain and learn how to heal yourself, you will uncover the person you truly are – loving, compassionate, wise, and strong.

10. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust that everyone is doing their best. Trust that if you get hurt, the other person is only acting out of pain. Trust that you know who to let in. It may take awhile to learn which voice to listen to – we all have multiple voices in our heads and some of those voices are jerks. But if you keep listening in the quiet, you will learn which to follow. Because when you learn which voice to listen to, which voice makes you feel peaceful and loved, your whole life will get better.


What Loving Someone Means

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What Loving Someone Means

Love: a four-letter-word that gets tossed around in conversations pretty carelessly to describe just about anything. I love your shoes. I love this restaurant. This dog totally loves me.

But what about when it comes to relationships? What does it really mean to love someone?

I’m by no means an expert on the topic; I’ve had my heart broken more than a couple of times. But, I’ve learned a few things along the way that have taught me what it means to be in love. More importantly, I’ve learned that love is an immeasurable force that can’t be reckoned with. We can’t force it.

Love means accepting another person in the strongest way possible. It means supporting them in anything and everything, even when you may not agree on the situation.

Love means not looking for something better or seeing what’s out there. It means committing to that person because you know they complete you in every way. It doesn’t mean being a replica of another person, but rather being like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with the other. Your traits complement each other to create better versions of you both.

Love means waking up early and whipping up pancakes in the morning just to show you care. It means going out of your way to make them smile and, without even thinking about it, dropping everything for them in those times when smiles aren’t appropriate.

Love means screaming at the top of your lungs sometimes. It means caring so damn much about that other person that you can’t help but become furious when your relationship is called into question. It means fighting to get it back.

Love means smiling for no reason at all, and giggling from the tickle of butterflies flying around in your stomach.

Love means not needing constant contact, in person or via text, to feel secure. It means trusting them in every way possible and earning their reciprocal trust in you.

Love means loving yourself, too. It means always being your organic self and never shifting to fit another person’s standard. It means sleeping tight at night knowing that someone else knows just as well as you do how perfect you are in all your imperfections.

Love means gazing into their eyes for hours that feel like minutes. It means breathing coolly when you’re all wrapped up in their arms and becoming one with their heartbeat when your head is pressed up to their chest.

Love means giving in to an awesome power that brings two people together in the craziest ways. It means waiting, sometimes for a long time, for the stars to align. It means persevering through horrible dates and dull chats in line at the coffee house until you get your turn with it. It means surrendering control to a greater force and staying along for the ride.

Sometimes love means disappointment. It means broken hearts and red teary eyes. It means taking a shot on someone and being let down. It means learning the hard way that you can’t make someone love you.

Love, once it finds you, is worth every fleeting moment of highs and lows. Love, although it may fade, never gives up on you. Love that leaves is not lost; it will find you again someday, perhaps when you least expect it or maybe when you really want it to. Love doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules.

Love means letting yourself go. Love means giving in. Love means taking chances.


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