Wednesday, May 06, 2015

25th ❤️

It's my 25th birthday today! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all the blessings! I cannot thank you enough!

My friends surprised me with cake and balloons at the hospital! :)

My tito's and tita's came to visit me, and we ate dinner at Le Garden.

Photo-op with the cousins!

No wish for my candle today, only "Thank You."


Friday, May 01, 2015

Ignite 2015

I already bought my ticket last year! Oh Lord, I hope I get to attend this awesome event! Please Lord, please make it happen! In Jesus Mighty Name!

Here's the official Ignite 2015 playlist:

Hope Will Rise – Victory Worship
Endless Praise – Planetshakers
Lost Without You – Freedom Band
Falling – Every Nation Music
Radical Love – Victory Worship
Your Love is Greater – Victory Worship
Wake – Hillsong Young and Free
Faithful – Victory Worship
Jesus My Savior – Victory Worship
Grace Changes Everything – Victory Worship
Alive – Hillsong Young and Free
This is Our Time – Planetshakers
We Will Not Conform – Every Nation Music
Blessing and Honor – Every Nation Music
Commission My Soul – Citipointe Live
Overcome the World – Every Nation Music
Great God – Victory Worship



Happy Labor Day! 

Okay, so everyone is in Boracay right now for #LaBoracay but I'm so happy today because I get to have a day off from duty! :) Our clerkship started last April 01 and I think I only had 3 days off that month! I hope I get to have more off's this rotation! :)

Anyway, here's a summary of my 1st rotation:

April 01-15, 2015
National Center for Mental Health

I enjoyed this rotation! I really did! At first, I was a bit scared with the patients and all, but eventually I had so much fun! I even had a total of 46 hours merit! :D Psychiatry is really interesting. The patient's are funny. You will here a lot of sad stories. I think I'm considering it as my future specialization. :)

April 16 - 30, 2015
Infectious Medicine
San Lazaro Hospital

This rotation, I was counting every second! Ugh! I wanted it to end so badly. Infectious medicine is not my thing. Although, I learned a lot of skills from this rotation. I learned how to do foley catheter, IV insertion, NGT insertion, even CPR. This is also one of the most memorable rotation because I had my first patient who died. :(

Moving on, I'm still not sure if my rotation for the next two weeks would be Legal Medicine or Dermatology. I have yet to confirm my schedule.

Anyway, here's to more learnings, more skills, more friends, more patients, more off's! Haha!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

To Infinity and Beyond! ♥

And of course I cried buckets of tears! :(

Makes me look forward to my own wedding! Someday. 


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lolo Kiko ♥

Pope Francis is in the country right now for a 5 day visit, and he's bound to leave for Vatican tomorrow morning. I cannot put into words how thankful I am to God for bringing this man here in our beloved country. I can't help but cry whenever I watch him on TV hugging and kissing the children. His humility and compassion is truly admirable. He has the gift of touching the hearts of the people just by his presence. He certainly brought hope to every Filipino. 

I am a baptized Catholic but a Christian by heart. But with Pope Francis, I learned that religion doesn't matter. What really matters is our relationship with God. The pope said in an interview with an Italian newspaper, “I believe in God, not in a Catholic God. There is no Catholic God, there is God and I believe in Jesus Christ, his incarnation.” I am blown away! Really, religion just differs in the way we worship God, but we are all serving One God so we are all the same. 

Thank you, Jesus for Pope Francis. Bless this man's heart. Give him strength, wisdom and grace to be able to touch more lives.

Thank you, Pope Francis. I thank God for your life. You have touched not just our hearts, but our lives as well by strengthening our faith. Thank you from the bottom of every Filipinos heart. I will always include you in my prayers. We love you Lolo Kiko! You are always welcome here in the Philippines. Viva il Papa! ♥

A yellow raincoat will always remind me of you. :)


Friday, January 16, 2015

Fave videos ATM! =)

Sugar by Maroon 5. You know my weakness for wedding videos. And oh, Adam! ♥♥♥

Oh my gosh their laughs are so contagious! I can't stop laughing myself! Hahaha! :D

This is so funny! Hahaha! =)


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy 2015!!!


The future is as bright as the promises of God! He is faithful all the time and 2015 is looking pretty bright! =) Here's to change, new people, new adventures, new memories, and another chance to get it right. Thank you, Jesus! Happy new year everyone! I commit this year in continuing my walk with You. ♥

God bless everyone! :)