Friday, May 01, 2015


Happy Labor Day! 

Okay, so everyone is in Boracay right now for #LaBoracay but I'm so happy today because I get to have a day off from duty! :) Our clerkship started last April 01 and I think I only had 3 days off that month! I hope I get to have more off's this rotation! :)

Anyway, here's a summary of my 1st rotation:

April 01-15, 2015
National Center for Mental Health

I enjoyed this rotation! I really did! At first, I was a bit scared with the patients and all, but eventually I had so much fun! I even had a total of 46 hours merit! :D Psychiatry is really interesting. The patient's are funny. You will here a lot of sad stories. I think I'm considering it as my future specialization. :)

April 16 - 30, 2015
Infectious Medicine
San Lazaro Hospital

This rotation, I was counting every second! Ugh! I wanted it to end so badly. Infectious medicine is not my thing. Although, I learned a lot of skills from this rotation. I learned how to do foley catheter, IV insertion, NGT insertion, even CPR. This is also one of the most memorable rotation because I had my first patient who died. :(

Moving on, I'm still not sure if my rotation for the next two weeks would be Legal Medicine or Dermatology. I have yet to confirm my schedule.

Anyway, here's to more learnings, more skills, more friends, more patients, more off's! Haha!


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